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Cloud accounting software for venture capital firms

See how Sage Intacct venture capital accounting software can provide your VC firm with customizable reporting dashboards that provide real-time insights. Easily consolidate multiple entities, access custom dashboards, and get deeper insights to drive strategic decisions -- all in real-time.

As of today All locations CFO Dashboard Balance Sheet - Summary Ridge Capital 03/05/2022 All locations YTD Assets Current Assets 213,191,506.07 53,220,937.29 Cash and Cash Equivalents 384,175.16 384,175.16 Accounts Receivable, Net 384,175.16 384,175.16 Intercompany Receivable 2,600.00 2,600.00 Revenue per Retail Hour by Location 300M 120M 0 Month Ending 1/23 Month Ending 2/23 Month Ending 3/23 Cash $213,191K +187,981 vs. prior month Stocks & Bonds $134,911 +90,747 vs. prior month Hedge Funds $28,129K +85,704 vs. prior month Other Investments $64,840K +5,043 vs. prior month

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Use the best venture capital accounting software

Easily manage capital structures, support investment opportunities for startups and emerging businesses, and meet ever-changing regulatory requirements in accounting for venture capital. Let Sage Intacct be your fully integrated, single source of truth to:

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Continuous consolidations for improved business intelligence

Say goodbye to time-consuming, error-prone manual consolidations. With Sage Intacct, access a unified accounting system that continuously consolidates multiple entities, so you can boost team productivity, make better data-driven decisions, and maximize your firm’s performance.

Custom dashboards for better data, analysis, and insights

Give your VC team greater visibility, simplify complex reporting, and easily aggregate financial information that matters most to you through configurable financial dashboards.

  • Get real-time shared access across multiple entities, 24/7.

  • Track financial data (e.g., P&L, budget vs. plan, cash).

  • Manage key metrics such as AUM, fair-market-value.

Easily integrate into existing and new systems

Share investment finance data to founders with ease and connect multiple other applications – like existing systems, expense management, and payroll – to Sage Intacct so that you access the best technology in all areas across your venture capital firm. Bridge the gap between finance and operations and keep everything (and everyone) in sync.

Native Cloud Technology = Maximum Efficiency

Sage Intacct’s cloud architecture gives leading venture capital firms world-class financial management software that you can deploy immediately - without the upfront expenses and IT headaches. 

  • Get complete security, 24/7 data access, guaranteed performance, and quarterly updates with efficient, pay-as-you-go pricing.

  • Open API architecture makes it easy to integrate other systems for even greater efficiency. 

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Isaac Strulowitz

CFO, CoVenture

Sage Intacct has been a huge value to us. We close our books much more efficiently allowing us to make more informed decisions. I can focus my time on growing CoVenture, and not worrying about inefficiencies slowing us down.

Frequently asked questions

Venture capital firms are helping emerging businesses re-invent today and tomorrow by supporting innovative startups, which is why it's important VCs have the right tools to make the right decisions. Accounting software for venture capital firms helps VCs simplify financial planning and streamline many accounting procedures like consolidating multiple entities and analyzing finance data. The best accounting software for venture capital firms will also provides you with real-time information that helps you make data-driven decisions and raise the performance level of your VC.
Cloud based accounting software helps venture capital firms handle the complexity of VC accounting with ease. Using the cloud, VCs can automate end-to-end accounting processes, giving your team more time to focus on driving strategic decisions. Plus, when graduating to the cloud, firms get complete security, 24/7 data access, quarterly updates. When you choose Sage Intacct as your cloud based accounting software for your firm, you can use our open API architecture makes it easy to connect to other systems for even greater efficiency.
One way to improve accounting processes for your venture capital firm is with powerful automations. Not only will this save your team a lot of time so they can focus on making strategic decisions, it can also help you reduce errors and maximize your firm's performance.
The best accounting software for venture captiral firms will be powerful enough to handle continuous consolidations and easy to integrate with other tools and software to ensure you can maximize every part of your stack.

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