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Alliance partners

Our global strategic alliance partners combine expertise and technology to create lasting value for businesses of all sizes and to build success.

Stronger together

Our global alliance partners bring deep expertise and the right technology to create lasting value. This accelerates innovation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We partner with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and PwC to leverage our collective strengths and capabilities to help our customers implement business solutions they can trust.

Together, we combine cutting-edge technology, our deep expertise in the finance sector, and industry-leading cloud services that enable our customers to scale and thrive.

Microsoft: simplifying workflows for small and medium-sized enterprises

Our alliance with Microsoft is key to our commitment to knocking down barriers for SMEs. Integrating Sage with Microsoft Azure and other business products will help companies save time and boost productivity.

Microsoft shares our commitment to helping SMEs grow and succeed by offering a range of products and secure cloud services to improve your operations.

The partnership supports Sage in giving customers the ability to collaborate and communicate where work happens. This helps business flow while making it simpler to do business.

AWS: elevating cutting-edge business intelligence

Together, Sage and AWS bring a collaboration of leading accounting software with the unbeatable reliability, flexibility, and security expertise of the AWS cloud.

With so many businesses today on a mission to power up their finance functions, Sage and AWS can provide the best of both worlds. Have the ability to modernize, scale quickly, and make intelligent decisions with real-time data and analytics. By automating finance functions, you will improve efficiency as well as position your business for rapid innovation.

The result? A dynamic duo that works in tandem, enabling your business to thrive in the competitive marketplace.

PwC: creating your finance function of the future

Digital transformation is critically important in the evolution of a business. Sage and PwC bring our customers cutting-edge technology and access to deep, subject-based expertise, thought leadership, and industry-leading consulting services.

Together, Sage and PwC build a trust-based approach as they help organizations address their immediate business needs and tackle their digital and finance transformations.

More opportunities for growth

Our strategic alliances help extend our tech and empower mutual growth. Together, we can drive global innovation and create new opportunities for businesses.