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Find the winning formula with the right business management software for your chemical company

Get ahead of ever-changing compliance requirements.

Do you have the catalyst for a more profitable business?

Investing in the right business solution could be the missing element.

Managing your chemical business can be complicated.

The Global Harmonization System (GHS), shipping and bill of lading issues, workplace safety, and more, all affect you day in and day out. Combined with competitive pressure and the need to get the most out of valuable resources, you need a solution that radically simplifies your operations, rather than adds more complex systems and rigid processes.

Can you react rapidly to the challenges of an ever-changing environment?

Today, the chemical industry faces stricter compliance rules than ever, plus the burden of reporting. Can you keep up while still delivering the consistency your customers expect?

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Comply completely

One of today’s biggest risks for global chemical companies is meeting all of the varying regulatory requirements abroad, not to mention at home. The GHS is one example, but it’s not the only regulatory challenge you’re likely to face—and the costs of failing to comply can be severe. Failing to navigate the complex maze of global laws and restrictions can have devastating consequences for your business.

Guarantee consistency

As process manufacturing moves toward increasingly specialized and multi-product business models, consistency between runs becomes more essential than ever. However, assuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of your products at all times can often leave your business too inflexible to seize new commercial opportunities.

Manage your entire supply chain

Supply chains extend far outside the walls of your business, with essential parts of your business now being delivered by third-party organizations located around the globe. Local systems give you local management of these partners—but not having a complete view across the entire supply chain can lead to costly delays and errors.

Surpass customers' expectations and increase profits

Overcome your warehousing woes with our intelligent, intuitive wholesale distribution solutions.

Sage 100cloud

A complete solution for companies that need to scale their operations to automate processes, connect employees, and gain business insight.

  • Simplify your financials
  • Take control of your business
  • Save time with automation
  • Improve report accuracy and build trust to make better business decisions
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Sage 300cloud

Manage finances, operations, and inventory in multiple languages and currencies, ideal for businesses with operations across several cities or countries. Gives you real-time, mobile access to your data from the cloud for visibility across your entire company.

  • Simplify your financials
  • Manage multiple companies and currencies
  • Eliminate international business complexity
  • Simplify inventory management
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Sage Business Cloud Sage X3

A business management solution tailored to the demanding medium-sized business user. From procurement to production, warehousing, e-commerce and sales, and financial and people management, gain a faster, simpler, and more flexible way to manage the entire business at a lower cost, on a global scale.

  • Take control of global operations
  • Get the insight you need, when you need it
  • Expand to new markets or geographies
  • Gain agility and focus on your business
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Take control of costs and risk with a powerful, scalable solution

The right business management solution can transform your chemical business, keeping you lean, flexible, and in control.

Respond quicker

Increase the potential for commercial success by responding faster to changing customer and marketplace demands, and improve the management of fluctuations in purchasing, production, and shipping.

Minimize risk

Verify the quality, safety, and efficacy of your products at all times to limit the potential of risk, while maintaining safe working conditions and complying with regulations.

Reduce costs and waste

Significantly reduce operational costs and waste, while you eliminate the potential dangers of cross-contamination.
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Join other chemical businesses who've found success

Sage X3 has provided better control over our operations. With easy access to information, we can make more informed decisions on how to use our resources to better drive the company.

Don Lynch, director of operations

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