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Manage every asset with fixed asset software

Sage Fixed Assets

Take control of your fixed asset management with Sage Fixed Assets, our best-in-class solution. Stop overpaying taxes and insurance premiums and start increasing your bottom line.

Capture, track, and maximize your fixed assets

Sage Fixed Assets software gives you the flexibility to manage and optimize your fixed assets throughout their useful life. Learn how our powerful depreciation calculation engine and intuitive reporting simplify asset management and accounting across your business.

Benefits of Sage Fixed Assets software


Organize assets

Keep track of the value of your assets throughout your equipment’s lifecycle. Know what and where your assets are throughout your business with complete visibility.

Maximize tax savings

Stay compliant with IRS regulations with annual tax compliance updates. Keep accurate accounting records that can lower tax payments over your assets' lifecycle.

Gain valuable insights

Budget and track costs for projects before they become fixed assets. Project the depreciation of assets on a variety of scenarios that fit your complex business needs.

Know true asset value

Avoid risk associated with unidentified ghost and zombie assets, including fraud, property tax overpayment, and insurance premium overpayment.

Ready to work differently? Take an interactive product tour

Sage Fixed Assets offers four modules that provides the flexibility to manage your entire fixed asset lifecycle from acquisition to transfer to disposal.
Sage Fixed Assets product tour

Fixed assets ROI calculator

Curious to see how much you can save with the Sage Fixed Assets? Check out our quick and easy return on investment calculator.
Fixed Assets ROI Calculator


Connect your tools and systems with ease. Sage Fixed Assets integrates with most popular ERP and accounting solutions.

  • SAP®
  • Oracle®
  • Plex®
  • JDE®
  • Microsoft Dynamics®
  • Sage Intacct, Sage 100, Sage 300, and more!

Sage Fixed Assets cloud hosting

Working remote? Get real-time access to your fixed assets from anywhere! Sage Fixed Assets has partnered with WebHouse to provide a modern, safe, and secure solution for cloud hosting.

Let us help you maximize your software with Sage Expert Services

With Sage Fixed Assets expert services, you'll get access to a dedicated team of product experts and implementation consultants who can:

  • Integrate with your ERP systems such as Oracle® and SAP®.
  • Import new assets.
  • Bulk-edit change your existing assets.
  • Create custom reports.

See what people are saying about Sage Fixed Assets

"Sage Fixed Assets paid for itself in the first year of use, and we estimate that using the software has reduced the time spent on asset tracking and recording by about a third."

Jill Kight
Cost Analyst
Catawba Valley Medical Center

"Thanks to Sage Fixed Assets, we saved $1M in taxes—a significant opportunity we’d have lost if we waited to upgrade our ERP system. And, because it’s so easy to do tax reporting in Sage Fixed Assets, we also save about $10K in audit fees every year."

John Garbaciak
Vice President of Financial Reporting
Edelman Public Relations Worldwide

"Because I report to several regulatory agencies, all of which want reports in a different format, Sage Fixed Assets makes my life much easier. It also helps me prepare GASB 34-compliant financial statements."

Beverly Bales
Rinehart Controller
City of Beckley, WV

“Sage Fixed Assets software continues to offer a combination of features and functionality that optimizes its effectiveness, from a company that has been a consistent leader in this field. Sage Fixed Assets has among the broadest product lines in the fixed asset field.”

Barry Knaster
Accounting Technology

"With Sage Fixed Assets, Sage has developed the most technologically sound fixed asset software solution on the market."

Tom Johansmeyer
CPA Magazine

"We’ve gained the ability to track and maintain a detailed listing of our physical inventory, depreciate those assets monthly, and run a variety of reports as frequently as we need them."

Tammy White
Fixed Asset Manager
Maury Regional Hospital


Fixed assets are tangible and intangible assets expected to provide economic benefit to a company over the long term (greater than 12 months).

Examples of tangible fixed assets you may see daily in your organization are buildings, vehicles, computers, chairs, and desks. Intangible assets include patents, trademarks, goodwill, and copyrights. One trait that all fixed assets have in common is a useful life greater than one year.

Fixed assets management is the process of tracking and maintaining an organization's tangible and intangible fixed assets for financial and tax accounting, depreciation, maintenance, and physical location purposes.

Since fixed assets are a critical part of a business's profitability, using spreadsheets to track valuable company property can be inefficient and even risky. Spreadsheets are prone to errors, have the potential for data loss, have limited reporting options, and do not readily provide the flexibility to record complex transactions and changes in asset location. 

Fixed asset software such as Sage Fixed Assets makes it easy to record asset purchases, transfers, disposals, and update asset location. By using a fixed asset solution that accurately tracks all details related to fixed assets, businesses can lower insurance costs, avoid regulatory non-compliance fines, and save money when updating equipment.

Some of the leading accounting and ERP solutions offer asset depreciation; however, they aren't built to manage the complex and complete lifecycle of fixed assets. ERP solutions also struggle calculating depreciation for both GAAP and tax compliance or other purposes if needed. Sage Fixed Assets complements accounting and ERP solutions because it is built from the ground up to manage the complete fixed asset lifecycle and integrates seamlessly with most general ledgers, reducing the risk of double entry and human error.

To get the maximum benefit of your fixed assets, look for fixed asset software that offers:

  • Full lifecycle management – acquisition, depreciation, transfers, disposals, construction in progress (CIP), and tracking, including barcode tracking.
  • The latest and most accurate tax and GAAP rules and calculations.
  • Robust financial reporting, including general ledger posting, depreciation expense, and roll-forward reports for reconciliations.
  • Accurate tax reporting with annually updated IRS Forms 4562, 4797, and others.
  • Flexible deployment options and integration links with other software to continue to do business your way–whether that's on-premises or in the cloud.

Sage Fixed Assets is ready to use after installation, and you can start customizing preferences, setting up templates, and adding assets groups easily. Going a step further, you can create custom depreciation methods.

For more extensive customizations such as custom reports and integration assistance from Sage Expert Services, contact your Sage Account Manager for more information and related pricing.


Get valuable insights on how Sage Fixed Assets can help your organization take control of your fixed asset management, reduce costs, and grow your business faster.

Product overview

Master your fixed assets

Learn how to effectively navigate fixed assets management – leading to valuable tax savings opportunities, greater efficiency, and better bottom lines with fixed asset inventory software.
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Whitepaper: The Benefits of a Fixed Asset Management Solution

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