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Manage your fixed assets from acquisition to disposal


Explore the four modules in Sage Fixed Assets that allow you to capture, track, transfer, and depreciate your fixed assets with cost-saving, risk-reducing accuracy.


Prepare for year-end financials, store key asset data, and efficiently allocate costs.


Track the status and budget of your projects without missing a single detail.


Keep track of the items you use in your organization.


Extend your reporting through customization and advanced formatting for charts and graphs.


Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation gives you the flexibility to calculate asset depreciation and manage fixed asset lifecycles with ease. With over 50 depreciation formulas that fit your business needs and flexible configurations, you have the power to keep better control of your assets.

  • Set up multiple companies and manage assets from multiple locations in a single database
  • Bulk edit assets' depreciation methods and lives in up to 20 depreciation books
  • Import, transfer, and duplicate assets with ease and create groups for efficient asset reporting
  • Store images of assets and vital documentation for each asset


Sage Fixed Assets Planning helps you take control of your fixed assets before they even become fixed assets. Track the status and budget of your projects without missing a single detail.

  • Capture all costs associated with your projects
  • See individual line items that will become fixed assets once in service
  • Report against costs as you go through your projects
  • Keep an overview of project spending, and see actual spend against original or revised budgets
  • Our flexible workflow allows you to send completed assets to the depreciation module, eliminating double entry and increasing accuracy


Sage Fixed Assets Tracking makes keeping track of the items you use in your organization much easier. With automated inventory functionality and built-in reconciliation, never lose track of your assets again.

  • Print asset barcode from depreciation module or use pre-printed barcodes
  • Scan asset barcodes with any Android mobile device or use a barcode scanner
  • Check in and check out assets to your employees
  • Changes to the tracking module are automatically written to the depreciation module, eliminating double-entry and errors


Sage Fixed Reporting allows you to create a variety of custom reports. Extend your reporting through customization and advanced formatting for charts and graphs.

  • Easily add or remove columns from existing reports to generate custom reports based on your business needs

Experience the accounting benefits of our fixed assets software

Maximize tax savings

Stay compliant with IRS regulations with our annual federal tax compliance updates. Sage Fixed Assets depreciation module includes built-in tax forms and worksheets including 3468, 4255, 4562, and 4797. Sage Fixed Assets includes over 300,000 IRS tax and GAAP rules!

Reduce operating cost

Budget and track all the costs of business projects before they become fixed assets. Project the depreciation of your fixed assets lifecycles based on various scenarios. Keep track of entries with automatic timestamps to reduce risk and tax penalties.

Simplify your inventory management

Sage Fixed Assets — Tracking and our free Scanner app make inventory management easier and more efficient. Select from one of our two popular Unitech Android OS-based mobile devices below or use the device of your choice. Our Scanner app works with any handheld Android OS-based device to scan most barcode types, including QR codes.

Scanner app

  • Wirelessly scan physical assets’ barcode tags and send the results into the Sage Fixed Assets—Tracking application
  • Download and work multiple inventory lists remotely
  • Enter or edit asset specifics like description, location, condition, and serial number
  • Add new assets and attach a picture right from the app
  • Sage Fixed Assets—Tracking 2021.1 or later
  • Latest Android OS (also works with most prior versions)
  • Android mobile phone, tablet, or barcode scanner device with a 12.0 MP (megapixel) or higher camera

Unitech PA760

The PA760 is a rugged scanner featuring the robust Android OS. It comes with the GMS & AER certification, making even your toughest workdays easier. It is ideal for a variety of applications including inventory control in warehouse, inbound and outbound management in the retail industry, parking management and facilities inspection in field service, and flight ticket checking and mobile POS system in transportations.


  • 5.45 (18:9) inch Android rugged mobile computer with Split Screen function
  • Advanced 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core CPU (2.2GHz) with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM