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ROI of 213%: Discover The Total Economic Impact of Sage X3

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Forward-thinking organizations are increasingly turning to business management solutions, like Sage X3. They help businesses move faster, produce new levels of customer and operational intelligence, and ultimately fuel digital transformation. Plus, they are a pretty sound investment helping businesses save both time and money. Based on in-depth interviews with Sage X3 customers, the Forrester Total Economic Impact study found the overall ROI for Sage X3 is 213%.

Understanding The Total Economic Impact of Sage X3

Sage provides a business management solution for industry-specific operations that assists customers with the entire process—from financial management to supply chain management to inventory management and production management. Recently, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the return on investment (ROI) organizations may realize by deploying Sage X3.

Discover how Sage X3 delivers a three year ROI of 213%

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An overall ROI of 213%

Based on customer interviews, the study found that:

  • A composite organization would experience a return on investment (ROI) of 213 %, with that figure rising when applied to specific verticals where Sage shows specialism.
  • Sage X3 users experienced benefits totaling approximately $2.4m against costs of $756,397 over three years, contributing to a net present value of approximately $1.6m.
  • Customers also generated sales discount savings of $250,000 and saved 2,080 customer service hours a year, while seeing a 12 % annual reduction in inventory levels.

“The capabilities available in our system through Sage X3 are world-class and I would put them up against any competitor,” said Sage X3 customer Palmer Holland Chief Innovation Officer Charlie Laurie.

“Since implementation, we have experienced exponential growth during a time when competitors stopped growing organically. As a result of the process changes and data visibility from implementing Sage X3, we now have a single source of truth, where our team can make more informed decisions at pace.”

Preparing for the future

In today’s unprecedented times, organizations are under increased pressure to prioritize digitalization to keep up with evolving government requirements and customer demands.

Organizations must transform to become agile, responsive and efficient. Therefore, an increasing number are turning to enterprise resource planning to increase the availability of real-time data, better understand their customers habits, and streamline processes while, ultimately, fueling digital transformation.

For industries that typically operate on low margins, technology investment must come with a rapid and significant ROI. As businesses navigate the new normal, they will increasingly seek ways to make their operations more agile, optimized, and efficient – Sage X3 is an ideal foundation for just this.

The customers we interviewed confirmed several key benefits  attributed to their investment in Sage X3 – this included time and labor savings in areas such as the ability to report monthly company financials using multiple local currencies, the ability to adjust inventory levels, and better cash management insight and practices.

Download the full Total Economic Impact of Sage X3 study to learn more.