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Get paid faster with online invoicing software for businesses

Every invoice paid means more revenue in your business. See how online invoicing software creates and tracks invoices in real-time, automates reminders and recurring invoices, and helps process invoices faster.

Powerful electronic invoicing software

Transform your billing process with e-invoicing software. Say goodbye to manual invoicing and hello to a streamlined, efficient process. Online billing software is designed to help you manage your billing and payments with ease.

Save time and money with business invoicing software

E-invoicing software reduces time spent invoicing clients, chasing payments, and processing finances.

Automate invoicing

Manual billing systems are inefficient and can lead to higher operating costs, impacting profitability and payment processing. From freelancers that need a simple way to create and manage their invoices online to startups and established companies that regularly invoice their clients, electronic invoicing software can help you stay organized, decrease costs, and achieve an efficient payment system.

Create professional invoices

Incorrect invoices can lead to late payments and even a loss of customer trust in your business. Send clear, accurate, and professional invoices easily with online billing software. Electronic invoicing solutions will often have templates or customizable invoices for you to issue invoices, and will send your invoices to clients for you to save you time.

Receive payments on time

Manual billing systems can be frustrating for customers and clients to use. An e-invoicing solution makes it easy for clients and customers to send payment promptly. With our electronic invoice system, you can send invoices and receive payments online at your customer’s convenience. Nudge slow-payers with reminders and set up repeat customers with recurring invoices. Save time while keeping your customers and clients happy.

On the go access

With an electronic invoice app connected to the cloud, you get anywhere, anytime access. Send, track, and manage your invoices when and where it is most convenient for you. Not only can you send and manage invoices online with our online billing services, but you can also get constant, accurate, real-time information about your company’s cash flow.

Explore the key features of our invoicing software

Consider the following features when searching for invoicing software, and look for a solution that is flexible, intuitive and meets your business needs.

Get paid faster

Get paid faster with secure online payment options, payment reminders, and more.

Convert quotes to invoices

Convert quotes into invoices instantly and send them to your customers with a click.

Instant access to real-time data

Get rich, real-time insights on your business' performance to fuel better strategic decisions.

Flexes to your business

Our software is flexible enough to be tailored to your unique business needs.

Integrates seamlessly

Seamlessly connect to your bank, tools, and other systems to save time.

Explore our business invoice software

Get paid faster with Sage invoicing software.
 Sage Intacct icon

Sage Intacct

The smart cloud accounting and ERP solution to unleash the potential of your business. Learn why industry leaders choose Sage Intacct.


Discover Sage Intacct


Across all industries, Sage Intacct customers achieve an average of:

  • 250% ROI
  • 6 months payback
  • 79% close time reduction
  • 65% productivity improvement

Rated #1 in customer satisfaction by G2.

Sage 50cloud

Sage 50

Spend less time on admin to gain greater clarity on business performance with the #1 rated accounting software for small business.*


Discover Sage 50


  • Cash flow and invoicing
  • Payments and banking
  • Expense management and job costing
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Advanced reporting and audit trails
  • Payroll-ready

* Rated the best accounting software for small and medium businesses (SMBs) by The Blueprint, a Motley Fool service.

Cindi Miceli

CFO, JSL Building Restoration Group, Inc.

Sage 50cloud helps us track who owes us money, how long they have owed us money, and who we owe money to. We can see financial statements at any time. Sage has definitely improved our productivity.

Online invoicing software FAQs

E-invoicing software creates and sends invoices to customers, helping businesses manage their billing process and track payments with ease. Our online billing solutions offer advanced features to streamline your billing process and improve your cash flow.

Online invoicing software offers a variety of benefits for businesses, including increased efficiency, cost savings, improved customer relations, and more. With invoicing software you can :

  1. Create and send invoices with ease.
  2. Track and audit invoices, payments, and other financial information anytime and anywhere.
  3. Automate to save time and streamline invoicing and payments.
  4. Look modern and professional with customized invoices.
  5. Accept payments globally with ease.
In order for an invoice to be legally valid, it must include two important elements : an offer made by one party and accepted by another. An online billing service can ensure that your invoices meet these requirements. Additionally, the invoice must include the following information : merchandise description, quantity, value and subheading number, charges (net and gross invoice), tax amount (price plus sales tax), and tax rate (sales tax in percent). If the customer is receiving a tax exemption, the invoice must indicate which delivery or service the exemption is applied to. With an e-invoicing provider, you can be confident that your invoices meet all legal requirements

Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, is the process of issuing, transmitting, and receiving invoices in a structured electronic format, allowing for automatic and electronic processing. This can be achieved through the use of electronic invoicing software or an e-invoicing software system. By replacing traditional paper-based invoicing processes with an electronic invoice system, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. E-invoicing can provide real-time information about a company’s cash flow and can help to streamline the billing process. Learn more about how to get paid faster with automation and e-invoicing.





A traditional invoice is a paper-based document that is created and sent to customers to request payment for goods or services. However, with electronic invoicing software, an e-invoice can be issued, transmitted, and received in a structured electronic format, allowing for automatic and electronic processing. E-invoicing software can be more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly than traditional invoicing, as it eliminates the need for paper, printing, and postage. With an online billing invoice, you can provide real-time information about your company’s cash flow and streamline the billing process through an online billing platform.

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