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Simple online invoicing software

Get paid quicker and improve your company’s cash flow. Spend your energy growing your business and not chasing payments with our online invoice software.

Invoicing is made simple  with online software

Did you know small businesses spend an average of 130 hours each year chasing late invoices? Don’t be that business.

Getting paid on time can be a challenge, and this can be even more time consuming for smaller businesses. When payments are delayed, this can have a serious effect on your cash flow, making it hard for you to pay utilities or payroll. Reduce stress and admin time spent creating invoices and chasing payments.

It’s important to invest in online invoice software. Having the right billing solution in place will help you manage your cash blow better by generating accurate, electronic invoices every time. This not only helps validate your company’s revenue but reduces the chance of costly human error. 

What is online invoice software?

Invoicing software, also available as a mobile app, lets you create, edit, and send professional invoices from anywhere, at any time. An automated billing system sends invoices, reducing the risk of late or missed payments.

Our software automatically reminds customers and clients about upcoming deadlines, so there are no awkward conversations to worry about. This will help you build better, longer-lasting relationships with clients.

Plus, you’ll always have access to real-time information about your finances and cash flow. Effortlessly sync your accounts and track payments using our integrated accounting and invoicing app.

Why online invoicing?

You have to be digital to stay ahead in today’s world. Your customers and clients expect life to be made easier and online invoicing allows that. Say goodbye to manual billing and the challenges they bring, including inefficiency, inaccuracy, higher operating costs and human error. One of the most common reasons for unpaid invoices is when statements contain errors. No more excuses, go online.

Our online invoicing software stores customer data and automatically generates both invoices and statements. So you don’t have to worry about typos delaying important payments.

Discover the benefits of our invoicing software

Find out how your company will benefit from processing business invoices online.


Get paid faster

No more manual data processing. Our accounting software and invoicing software can automatically reconcile your incoming payments.


All your data in one place

Track your invoices, expenses and more online using a single, simple solution. Our intuitive dashboard offers complete visibility over your finances.


Solutions that work for you

Wherever you are on your journey, we’re here to help. We built this for you.

Find the right invoice solution

Whether you’re a medium or small business owner, each company has its own set of ambitions, goals, and markets. That’s why you need powerful, flexible accounting software you can trust. As one of South Africa’s leading providers of accounting and invoicing software, you’ll always have the financial support you need with Sage.
Sage Business Cloud


Powerful online accounting software, perfect for start-ups and small businesses.

  • Balance your books and control your business’ finances on the go
  • Accept and receive payments with multi-currency functionality (add-on required)
  • Safe, secure and trusted
  • Collaborate with your accountant
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Calculate VAT returns
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Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner

A powerful desktop accounting solution connected to the cloud with in-depth stock and reporting.

  • Up to 20 users
  • Unlimited number of companies available
  • Manage customers, suppliers and inventory
  • Microsoft 365 integration
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Sage 200 Evolution

Gain full control with smart, cost-effective software

  • Configure and customise Sage 200 Evolution with optional modules for different industries to suit business needs
  • Gain even more control with full inventory management including batch and serial traceability and replenishment
  • Gain better visibility with connected CRM
  • Build and access powerful data insights on the go, in the familiar environment of Excel
  • Reduce complexities with bank feeds
  • Use business intelligence and insights to propel your business forwards
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Sage 300cloud

Sage 300cloud software can help prepare your business for growth. You'll love how easy it is to manage your accounting, inventory, operations, distribution, and more.

  • Gain a 360 degree view of  your entire operation by a single, integrated solution
  • Strengthen vendor relationships and streamline purchasing. Process and track domestic and international orders
  • Manage multiple companies and currencies
  • Automate your finances with simplified monthly reconciliations
  • Simplify your inventory by shipping orders on time, from multiple locations
  • Optimise operations and distribution processes to eliminate waste and deliver on time—every time
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With Sage, my payroll is efficient, mobile and always on time.

Aisha Gasangwa
HR Manager

Get practical accounting and invoicing advice

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