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Sage 50 Add Ons

Sage 50c Payroll and Payments

Simplify managing your business, save time, and get paid faster with Sage 50c, Sage Payroll Services, and Sage Payment Solutions working together. Contact us today to see how much you can save when you combine all three Sage solutions.

There's a better way to manage your payroll—we guarantee it.

Simplified payroll processing and exceptional customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of Sage Payroll Services.1 It is your choice--manage payroll on your own quickly and accurately or let someone do it for you. No matter what option you select, Sage Payroll Services works directly with Sage 50c—saving you time and minimizing the burden of processing payroll.

  • Upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Personal support from U.S.-based dedicated professional payroll experts.
  • 24/7 mobile and online access to payroll information.
  • Standard and customized reporting.
  • Direct deposit, printed checks, and paycards.
  • Timely and accurate; error-free tax filing.

It's easy to add Payroll

Simply choose your service level based on the number of employees you pay per month. There are no additional employee or check charges.2

Direct deposit services

Eliminate lost paychecks and help protect your business and employees' personal data from identity theft.

Essentials Payroll

Ideal for businesses with up to 15 employees, take payroll to the cloud and give yourself and your employees the convenience of anytime, anywhere access to information.

Full-Service Payroll

If you’re a business with 16 or more employees, let a dedicated expert do it for you, under your guidance, with 24/7 online access to information so you can stay in control of the process.

Power your payments with Sage.

Pay bills, get paid, and manage your money.

Do more every day. Manage all your payments in one place and eliminate the hassle of manual data entry. Activate built in payments and:3

  • Accept credit card payments on invoices directly in software.
  • Automatically post to the GL—no manual entry.
  • Sync online or onsite payments directly to the GL.
  • Feel confident payments are secure.

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Sage Accounting, Payroll, and Payments. Better together!

Simplify managing your business, save time and get paid faster with Sage Accounting, Payroll, and Payments working together. Contact us today to see how much you can save when you combine all three Sage solutions.

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You get so much more with Sage Payment Solutions

Take payments on the go!

When you combine Sage 50 with Sage Payment Solutions, you can accept a payment from wherever you are. You don’t have to wait until you get back to the office to record it—you can apply a payment to an existing invoice right from your mobile device.

  • Search your customer accounts
  • Take credit card or debit card payments
  • Apply payments to invoices

Your security and compliance requirements are covered so your customers are protected from fraud, and their sensitive credit card data is secure.

Help increase your sales.

Offer your customers more ways to pay and watch your sales grow. Your Sage 50 purchase gives you access to Sage Payments Management System-- an online portal that opens up a whole new world of payment options Credit cards? Check. Debit cards? Check. How about electronic checks, or gift cards, or even loyalty programs? All great ways to help increase sales and all available to you through the Sage Payments Management System. You have the freedom to choose just what’s right for your business. The controls are in your hands.

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Checks & Forms

Secure. Compatible. Guaranteed.

Simply put, we provide the only checks guaranteed by Sage to be 100% compatible with your software. No formatting. No forms wasted on misprints. Just enter your data and print. Don’t make the mistake of ordering your checks and forms from a vendor that doesn’t know Sage software as well as we do, or provide the level of high security that we can. Plus, each check order now includes a free fraud monitoring service for even greater confidence in Sage.

Call 800-617-3224 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET (Monday-Friday) to speak to a product specialist.

Checks & Forms

More add-on services

Third-party solutions - Solve unique business issues and optimize Sage 50 performance with handpicked solutions.

Endorsed Solutions1

Endorsed Solutions meet rigorous strategic, technology and integration criteria and have been hand picked by Sage. These solutions solve unique business issues and optimize the performance of Sage 50.

  1. Third party add-on products and services and Endorsed Solutions are provided by third party vendors. Sage and its affiliates are in no way liable or responsible for claims made related to the products or services provided by third party vendors. Sage does not guarantee the quality of third party products or services. Please direct your inquiries regarding third party products or services to the appropriate third party vendor.
  1. Features and fees vary by solution. A Sage Business Care annual plan or subscription with payroll and use of the current version of Sage 50 is required for all payroll features and functionality. Includes the latest federal and state tax law changes and over 260 federal and state forms. Plans and subscriptions are autorenewing, and subsequent years/months will be billed to the same credit card on the anniversary date of your purchase at the then-current rate. Year-end payroll tax forms (such as W-2s and 1099s) are updated at the end of the calendar year. Credit card, registration, Internet access, and valid email address required. Forms (except W-2s) for PR and USVI are not supported.
  2. You will not be able to process payroll for any employees beyond the maximum number in your tier.
  3. Subject to approval and to Sage Payment Solutions terms and conditions. Additional fees, Internet access, and credit card required.
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