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Jason Savage Photography Sage One and Google Apps for Business

Jason Savage enjoys the freedom to explore the wilderness with his business using Google Apps and Sage One.

“Being mobile and carrying less is a continuous goal of almost every photographer.” Jason Savage understands the need to travel light in his business as a nature photographer and leader of workshops and classes throughout North America.

Jason’s home is in Montana, where he spends a lot of time photographing its wild, natural beauty. That means adapting to the landscape—from stepping out in snow shoes to capture sunrise in the mountains to waiting for the fog to lift and reveal elk crossing the river.

He’s photographed wildlife in the Arctic and Yellowstone National Park, and his images are featured in many high-profile publications including National Geographic Traveller and Time magazines.

A self-taught photographer, Jason has turned his hobby into a very successful business that takes him all over the world, so being able to work wherever he goes is vital.

“In 2013, I began using Sage One accounting software alongside Google Apps” Jason explains. “Until then, I hadn’t found a solution that worked very well for my workflow, especially in times where less is more and being mobile is paramount.

“Sage One has worked perfectly for my business . . . allowing me to manage cash flow and invoice my clients, wherever I am . . . whether it’s from my laptop or my smartphone.”

With Sage One and Google Apps, Jason is truly free to share, store, and collaborate on documents essential to his business quickly and easily.

Google Drive with Google Docs has been invaluable to him when working on client briefs, sharing contact sheets, and getting feedback on his photographs in real time. He can also share instructions, guidance, and materials with his crew easily, sometimes using Google Hangouts to host lessons or collaborate with clients over video.

“Google Maps has come to my rescue a few times in helping to plot, plan, and decipher remote locations,” says Jason. “It helps me navigate on the fly at any time, without having to carry many large and cumbersome maps with me. Being able to quickly and easily share information and guidance via Google Drive with the people I work with has certainly reduced any possible confusion when operating in some pretty remote places.”

Knowing that his client invoices are automatically backed up to Google Drive from Sage One also means he has peace of mind for his business transactions.

Jason monitors his business website and blog with Google Analytics, which helps him understand how to communicate more effectively through his site so he can reach a wider audience. The freedom of being able to make a living from photography is something Jason finds immensely fulfilling: “My journey as a photographer has been extremely rewarding,” he says, “Sharing with others my passion for nature and guiding enthusiastic and aspiring photographers all over the world.”

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Jason Savage Photography


Wildlife photography, publishing


Montana, U.S.A.

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“Sage One has worked perfectly for my business... allowing me to manage cash flow and invoice my clients, wherever I am.”

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