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It's easy to earn money as a Sage Partner by bringing solutions to market that help all types of businesses manage their finances.

A world of difference for your business

No matter what you want to sell or what type of customers you target, we have accounting, payments, and payroll solutions to help you and your customers grow.

We are looking for partners who want to help small to medium sized businesses grow faster using on-site and cloud solutions. We offer on-site, hybrid, subscription and cloud solutions.

Opportunities for Sage Partners

When you join the Sage Partner Programme and collaborate with us, you gain access to a wider market and a host of other benefits.


Software solutions have never been sweeter. In the world of commerce, the movement of money is the lifeblood of any business. Helping businesses get the most out of their technology makes you their key to success. Partner with Sage and help your customers go from startup to global enterprise.

HR and payroll

Offer additional services to your customers and be their one-stop shop for all money management and business solutions. Sage Partners can offer smart solutions with payroll management systems and payroll software.

Business management solutions

Sign in for exclusive access to resources to help you drive licence- and subscription-based solutions and services, create new opportunities, increase profitability, and close deals faster.

Join the team

Sage Partners can access a range of solutions for businesses who want to manage their finances, people, and more. As a Sage partner, you can make it easier for business owners to see money coming in and out of their businesses with our solutions.

The Consultant

The biggest difference between Sage and its competitors is Sage truly cares about their customers and partners. With Sage, you are not just a number.

David Kerr
Kerr Consulting

What can the Sage Partner Programme do for you?

Sage Marketplace

Through the Sage Marketplace, customers discover, learn, try, and buy advanced cloud services and solutions from Sage and our partners. Join hundreds of cloud leaders who offer their services in Sage Marketplace.

Sage Partner Portal

Sign in to the Sage Partner Portal to find solutions in the knowledge base, view your customer account information, access reports on account activities and commissions, and much more. We provide answers the way you want them, online, anytime.

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