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Preparing HR and accounting for digital transformation in the back office

With digital transformation changing departments and companies everywhere, the phrase “work smarter, not harder” has never been more accurate.

The digital transformation process is all about focusing on the customer experience and updating frontline, customer-facing processes. But business leaders shouldn’t lose sight of updating the tools back-office employees use on the job — a critical, but sometimes overlooked, component of any successful digital transformation journey.

Your back office departments, specifically HR and accounting, impact how your business operates. And a business that operates smarter is a successful business on the forefront of digital transformation.

It all begins (and ends) with employee buy-in

The success of your digital transformation journey hinges on the willingness of your HR and accounting employees to adopt new technology. So before introducing back-office solutions that will forever change the way they work, loop them into the process and set expectations. Here are a few suggestions to begin:

HR sets an example for employees

The HR department is in charge of your most valuable asset: your people. Once HR is on board, it will benefit from new tools and technologies that make the back office run smoothly and efficiently—and the entire workforce will benefit by extension.

Accounting saves time and money

HR isn’t the only back-office department that can reap benefits from new tools and technologies. Chances are, your accounting department is ripe for disruption, as well.

The takeaway

While most digital transformation is consumer-facing, you cannot forget the transformations accounting and HR need to go through to maintain success. When making the move, remember these benefits, the need for automation within your business, and the need to keep with the times. After all, a business that cannot make time to keep up is a business that will fall behind.