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Accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses

At Sage, we understand that SMEs need a powerful, secure accounting solution that makes it easy to manage daily finances and reduce administration. That’s why we’ve developed dedicated financial software that lets you take control of your business.

Grow your business with our accounting system

Our professional accounting software allows Malaysia based companies to take charge of their finances. The right business software makes it easy to create detailed reports, view and manage company financials and process local taxes. Our systems ensure that you remain compliant with the latest financial legislation - so you’ll never have to worry about non-compliance or penalties.

Whether you’re a small company looking to move over from manual bookkeeping, or a medium business looking to expand operations, we have the accounting software you need to run your business more efficiently.

Over the last 35 years, we’ve helped business leaders build long-standing, profitable companies. Our team of experts are here to support you with your accounting software questions, and you can count on us at every step on your business journey - just get in touch.

How does our simple accounting software work?

Traditionally, accounting software are installed within the user’s computer and the data resides within the system. With cloud technology quickly catching on, users now have the option to choose an accounting software that is hosted in another environment than their computer.

The best accounting software or cloud technology lets you securely manage your accounts wherever you are. Your data and the accounting software are stored in the cloud (in a remote server or computer). To access and interact with your data and the cloud accounting software, you just need an internet connection. 

This is important as running a business means you’re often on the go. Between internal meetings, pitching products or services to clients and visiting suppliers, finding time to work at can be difficult. It’s essential to have real-time information about your business’ finances. 

Key accounting software features

Accounts receivables to keep track of incoming client payments

Accounts payable to keep track of your suppliers' invoices

Dashboards to keep track of key financial performance indicators

Intelligent reporting to understand your business performance and profit margins

Inventory management to maintain the right amount of stocks and goods

Create invoices in minutes and track payments due quickly

Is cloud accounting software secure?

Do you have concerns about storing sensitive business information in the cloud? Our expert team is here to reassure you that there’s no need to worry.

You work hard at building your business and we work just as hard at keeping your financial data safe.

That’s why our smart cloud accounting programmes utilise bank-grade security features to prevent unauthorised access. Our technology also ensures your database is automatically backed up, so you don’t need to worry about losing important information.


How accounting software can help your business

Regain control of your company’s finances with Sage. Our business software gives accurate real-time insight into your organisation’s financial statues and allows for forecasting and financial projections.

Collaborating with your team regardless of your location is made simple, and you can automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce business expenses.

Don’t lose sleep over tax returns or potential penalties related to non-compliance and ever-changing regulations. Our software packages make sure your tax returns are calculated and submitted correctly, so you’re always compliant.

The advantages of Sage accounting software

We’ve been trusted by entrepreneurs to help them grow their business in Malaysia and internationally for over 35 years. With our accounting software, you can manage your business more effectively, see how below.


Choose to pay through monthly subscriptions or annual payments.


Our simple accounting software is quick to set up and easy to manage so you can get back to business without delay.


View and update your accounting information without worrying about your location. All you need is an internet connection and a connected device.


We keep on top of the latest legislation, so you don't have to worry. Our system provides accurate calculations and submissions to keep your business compliant.


Use the latest accounting applications to connect with your team or accounting manager from any device and in real-time.


Customise reports and dashboards for so you can track your key accounting metrics on your own terms.

Find the right accounting solution for your organisation

Do more with Sage accounting software. We have the perfect solutions for startups and SMEs looking to manage their finances more efficiently. 

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Worry free cloud software for startups, micro, and small businesses looking to manage their finances and control cash flow.

  • Create invoices quickly and easily, giving you and your customers essential features you need.
  • Give your customers access to a professional side of your business by enabling your Customer Zone. 
  • Get an instant understanding of how your business is performing with customisable dashboards.
  • Ability to manage multi-currency transactions.
  • Manage your invoices and expenses on the move with our mobile accounting apps anywhere, anytime
  • Secure, reliable and trusted solution that gives you peace of mind
  • Mobile companion apps that gives you access to your accounting data on the go.
Go to Sage Business Cloud Accounting
Sage UBS

Highly trusted accounting software solution perfect for small and medium sized companies looking to manage their account and financial effectively in a professional way.

  • First choice accounting software for SMEs in Malaysia.
  • Always compliant and up-to-date.
  • Easy to set up and simple to use.
  • Envision business growth with full inventory management and billing functions.
  • Add-on functions that allow you to create alerts, messages or chat with helpdesk to solve your issues.
  • Ability to integrate with Sage Point of Sales (POS) and Building Service Maintenance (BSM) systems for a complete end-to-end financial function suitable for any industry.
Go to Sage UBS

Award winning accounting software

With Sage Business Cloud Accounting, we are able to provide our services to anywhere in the world.

Cheah Chun How, CEO
De Novo Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

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