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Sage Data & Analytics

Sage Data & Analytics

Sage Data & Analytics provides users with a hub for managing information from all sources and built-in data models for reporting. Sage X3 users can report on data from multiple sources, including Sage X3 core financials, production and supply chain management applications, Salesforce applications, complementary ISV solutions, and virtually any connected data source. The solution incorporates pre-built data models from Sage and other competitive ERP platforms. This enables you to keep extensive insight into data from a previous system as you switch to Sage X3, without the need to manually map data to the new database model or transfer all of your historical data into the new Sage X3 live transactional database.


  • Gradually migrate to Sage X3 from one or multiple legacy systems, without losing insight into historical data.
  • Report on data from multiple internal and/or external sources within the system and interface, and make better informed decisions
  • Quickly analyse data in personalised dashboards within the Sage X3 user interface
  • Capitalise on the BI applications already in use, for data representation and analysis or select a new BI software application


  • Governed data management, modelling, and visualisation web application
  • Integrates naturally with the Sage X3 platform with rapid deployment, unlike other solutions requiring custom integrations with your ERP platform
  • Delivers pre-built data models that can be easily customised and offers predefined calculations, analytics and a gallery of role-based dashboards that you can use instantly
  • Optional BI visualisation application for analysing and reporting on information from your data management hub or other leading self-service BI tools

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