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Food manufacturer counts on Sage 200 Evolution for food safety

Mrs Garlic - South Africa

Family-owned food manufacturer Mrs Garlic sells around 800,000 kg of garlic products annually. It turned to Sage 200 Evolution to manage stock levels and legislation.

Balancing waste with stock

Mrs Garlic must adhere to strict legislation around food traceability. Balancing wastage with stock levels was also a challenge for this business. Management also wanted a solution that would help it achieve the food standard certification known as FSSC 22000.

The responsibility was to ensure that I kept things running through a time when the industry was changing beyond my grandfather and father’s abilities.

Chris Pappas

Food safety, documented

Pappas and his team are able to document required food safety records inside of Sage 200 Evolution. They also have built a knowledgebase of policies and procedures which employees and team members can review from anywhere.

Managing food safety documentation and records is a daunting task. The contact management module allows effective storing of records.

Chris Pappas

Reduced waste, increased profits

Pappas feels more confident about the food safety records Mrs Garlic keeps. He is also able to spend more time working on other business projects that will increase profits. The company has also cut food wastage.

Sage 200 Evolution gives me unparalleled costing per batch ensures that we can minimise wastage, control costs and maximise profits.

Chris Pappas

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