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NewsCafe improves efficiency with Sage Business Cloud Payroll

NewsCafe - South Africa

The NewsCafe brand is synonymous with sophistication and impeccable taste. Their newest venue in Kenya is serving up cool cocktails and fancy food in a contemporary setting.

How the business manages people and pay, improving speed, accuracy and efficiency

Growth brought new challenges for NewsCafe. They had to cater for more employees. Its increasingly stretched HR team spent a lot of time onboarding new team members and managing payroll. They also wanted to store payroll information in one place.

With growth comes new employees and HR functions that I have to cater for which meant I needed an efficient system.

Aisha Gassangwa
HR Manager

Accurate people information

The HR team wanted to automate tracking employee working hours across its stores. It also wanted to reduce time spent each month on payroll, while ensuring accuracy.

With Sage, my payroll is mobile, efficient and always on time.

Aisha Gassangwa
HR Manager

NewsCafe has cut costs

The HR team of this franchise believes having accurate payroll information in one place makes a big difference to how they manage their team, from holiday requests to payroll.

I can manage leave, track my staff which makes my work a lot easier. Sage Payroll played a big role—it made a big difference.

Aisha Gassangwa
HR Manager

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