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Sage on Social Media

There’s a lot going on at Sage, as you’d imagine in a global company with millions of customers worldwide and approximately 13,000 employees in 23 countries.

Sage Group

Twitter @sagegroupplc

YouTube sagegroupplc

LinkedIn Sage

Instagram @sageofficial

Sage Careers

Twitter @SageCareers

Instagram @LifeatSage

LinkedIn Sage Careers

Sage in your area

You can find out what's going on locally too. Follow Sage where you live.


Sage UK @sageuk

Sage North America @SageNAmerica

Sage France @SageFrance

Sage Australia @SageAustralia

Sage Asia @SageAsia 

Sage Germany @Sage_Germany

Sage Ireland @sageireland

Sage Poland @sagepolska

Sage Portugal @sageportugal

Sage South Africa @SageGroupZA

Sage Spain @SageSpain

Sage Switzerland @SageSwitzerland


Sage UK : SageUKOfficial

Sage North America : SageSoftwareNA

Sage Australia : SageAustralia

Sage Asia : SageSoftwareAsia

Sage Germany : SageSoftwareGermany

Sage Ireland : SageIrelandOfficial

Sage Portugal : SagePortugal

Sage Poland : SagePolska

Sage South Africa : SageGroupZA

Sage Spain : SageSpain

Sage Switzerland : sageschweiz

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