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Save time and reduce admin work with payroll software

Our simple, online payroll systems help streamline your manual accounting processes and free up your time to run a more efficient and successful business.

There’s no room for error with payroll software

Dealing with HR processes manually in-house can be costly and time consuming – and it can be easy to make basic mistakes.

But with reliable payroll business solutions behind you, you’ll never need to worry about processing payslip errors again.

Seamless payroll solutions for all business types and sizes 

Our safe, simple and secure payroll software minimizes admin work, automates tax calculations and helps you accurately pay employees on time, every time. It's ideal for small businesses, charities and retail stores, as well as larger international enterprises.

So whether you’re an HR manager with a medium-sized company or the owner of a small business, we’ll help you find the perfect payroll system. 



Streamline your payroll services with Sage software

Get smart about payroll

With the right payroll software, you can focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge your employees will be taken care of.

Stay compliant

Our systems are always up to date with the latest legislations and business laws.

Reduce payroll admin

Automate tax calculations and employee payslips, allowing your payroll to run smoothly.

Pay your people correctly, every time

Maintain staff trust, our packages ensure your people are paid the right amount and on time.

Manage payroll on the go

Our flexible solutions allow you to access and interact with key company information while on the move.

Enrol your employees automatically

Simplify the employee enrolment process and more with automated features.

Easy to set up and use

Our user-friendly interface is fast to set up and simple to use, so you can process your payments without delay.

Sage payroll software Singapore

Sage HR software and payroll business solutions have been helping companies manage their HR practices and run more efficient payrolls for more than 35 years.
That’s why we’re now recognised as Asia’s number one payroll provider.

Our systems are innovative, intelligent and robust. But they’re also super simple to set up and use. And once you’re up and running, you can manage our programs and solutions anywhere at any time – all you need is an internet connection.

Discover the benefits of our payroll software

Whatever the size of your business, we’ve got a solution for you. If you’ve got less than 25 employees choose Sage Payroll, while Sage EasyPay is the best option for companies with a workforce of 20-500. 


Start streamlining your processes from just SG $199.


Cut down on admin work and free up your time to run a more efficient business.


Our friendly, Asia-based team offers tech support from 9am to 6pm on weekdays.


Our payroll softwares are frequently updated to keep you up to speed with the latest legislation.


Let your employees access payslips and submit timesheet information quickly, easily and securely online. 



No need for in-house tax expertise with payroll software that generates automated and accurate tax calculations.

Whatever your payroll needs, we’ve got a solution

Ready to get your hands on pain-free payroll processing? All you have to do now is choose from our shortlist of products and services. 

Sage Payroll

Stay on top of your employee cost with our highly trusted  payroll solution that's perfect for start-ups and small businesses.

  • Always compliant with the latest payroll and pension legislation.
  • Secured, trusted and stable payroll solution which gives you complete control and visibility over your payroll.
  • Streamlined payroll processes and pre-determined HR templates to manage tasks more effectively, freeing up your HR admin's time.
  • Supports multiple local bank formats for your convenience
  • Comprehensive cash flow insights with readily available summary payroll reports.
  • Integrates with Sage UBS to incorporate payroll into your accounting software.
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Sage EasyPay

Robust payroll software with intelligent, intuitive and easy to configure solutions perfect for SMEs looking to effectively manage payroll needs.

  • Trusted by more than 18,000 businesses in Malaysia, Singapore and throughout South East Asia
  • Secure, stable and easy to use.
  • Compliance support across 7 countries in Asia for leave and claims.
  • Manage HR & payroll completely from data gathering to tax calculations, right down to submissions.
  • Cost Centre Module enables you to effectively integrate to General Ledgers in ERP solutions like Sage 300. 
  • Integrate with ePortal or ESS to improve employee engagement anytime, anywhere.
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Got questions about Sage payroll software?

Not sure what payroll business solution is right for you?

Our award-winning team of experts can help. They're ready to answer any questions you might have, and provide advice to help you select the best payroll software for your business.

Get started on growing your business

Ready to build a lasting, profitable business? Our free-ebook Ambition in Action can help. Download it today.

Get practical payroll management advice

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