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Empowering business with Data for Good

Learn how we harness the power of data to help reveal hurdles and opportunities to businesses, guiding decision-makers toward a impactful, sustainable future.

Why Data for Good matters?

Data, when used ethically, drives change. It's why our programme matters. We analyse anonymised customer data, delivering SMB insights on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fostering growth while promoting sustainability.

Boost growth and productivity through digitalisation​

Use data to positively influence policy supporting SMB growth.

Unlock innovation through data and cutting edge tech

Share reports and and anonymous data visualisation tracking sustainability goals for SMBs.

Help SMBs become more sustainable

Develop solutions to help SMBs make progress on sustainability goals.

Browse all data reports

Explore our Data for Good and other reports from Sage below to uncover actionable insights that help drive positive change and progress toward goals.

Shedding Light on Late Payments

Anonymised data over a decade - analysed in partnership with Smart Foundry and UK government's Office of the Small Business Commissioner - shows how we can tackle the issue of late payments amongst Micro and Small businesses.

Digital Led Growth Report

Sage unveils new Blueprint with policy proposals to help UK SMBs overcome barriers to digital adoption and invest in innovative tech, aiming to boost productivity and economic growth.

Small Business, Big Opportunity

A global study of almost 12,000 SMB leaders on their long-term outlook for the future.

SME Climate Impact report

SMEs want to be greener but 90% feel restrained by obstacles such as cash flow and difficulty finding the right solutions to improve their environmental impact, our research reveals.

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