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Solutions for medium-sized businesses

Discover time-saving financial and business management software that unlocks new levels for your established business.

Sage 300 People

Next generation payroll and HR in one powerful yet simple integrated solution.

Sage 300cloud

Run your business, including finance, sales, and inventory with anytime access.

Sage X3

Next generation ERP for greater efficiency, flexibility and insight.

Why financial and business management software by Sage?

Sage has more than 40 years' experience perfecting financial and business management software, making business growth easier for over two million customers.

Streamline your business management processes for efficiency, visibility, and flexibility with Sage X3. Unlock your teams' potential and empower your workforce with Sage 300 People. Manage your entire business from anywhere with Sage 300cloud. Unlock new levels of business management with Sage 200 Evolution.

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Sage X3

Take control of your business from end to end. Work faster and simpler when it comes to production management, supply chain management, and getting your finances under control. 

  • Manage workflows across multiple sites
  • Stay on top of purchasing, inventory, and sales
  • Oversee all your processes from one place
  • Get real-time visibility on budgets and accounting
  • Personalise X3 to work the way you do
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Sage 300 People

Advanced all-in-one payroll, HR and  self-service software designed to give you complete control of your business. Empower your people with a solution that grows with your organisation.

  • Single database for all your Payroll and HR data
  • Save time and avoid potential errors with automation
  • Scalable and configurable
  • Access anywhere, 24/7
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Sage 300cloud

A streamlined cloud-connected solution to help you manage your business across multiple functions, currencies and geographies, from anywhere.

  • Integrated sales and service functions
  • Streamline financial management
  • Created detailed, accurate records of every purchase
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Improved reporting for more accurate business analysis

Sage 200 Evolution

Manage accounts, payroll, sales, and more with a scalable solution that's built to grow with your business. Get actionable insights to run your entire business effortlessly.

  • Automate transactions and account reconciliation
  • Connect your bank account directly to your Sage solution
  • Get inventory updates and pricing adjustments in real-time
  • Create interactive reports
  • Access your data from anywhere

Success stories from medium-sized businesses

We recognize the value-add of the Sage solution. We’ve since expanded Sage to include our HR department, and we’re keen to exploit the full potential of the system.

Paul Githuka, Head of Technology
M-PESA Foundation Academy

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