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Khumalo and Mabuya Accountants is a trusted client advisor, thanks to Sage Business Cloud Accountants Edition

Khumalo and Mabuya Chartered Accountants - South Africa

After establishing in 2014, management at Khumalo and Mabuya Chartered Accountants set a goal of becoming a major player within the region.

A growing business with growing demands

Khumalo and Mabuya Chartered Accountants is a managed accounting firm founded in 2014. The firm specializes in accounting, taxation, auditing and business development for small, medium and large businesses. Its goal is to become a major player in the small to medium enterprise sector throughout the African continent.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting has given us better practice management, and we are able to see an overview of all our clients through one portal.

Peterson Khumalo
Managing Director

Streamlining business processes with cloud-based accounting software

After researching many different accounting systems, the management team agreed Sage Business Cloud Accounting Edition was the best solution for the practice. The decision was largely centered around the need for a cloud-based approach, integration with payroll and third-party applications, with the ability to streamline business processes.

With Sage Business Cloud Accounting we can see an overview of our clients in one portal and delegate the necessary resources.

Peterson Khumalo
Managing Director

Growing its client base, expanding the business

With information available at management’s fingertips, they can offer business advice to clients, making site visits more meaningful and productive. Thanks to an easy implementation of Sage Business Cloud Accountant's Edition, the business has increased its client base by 60% on average, year on year.

With Sage Business Cloud Accounting, processes that once took hours now take minutes.

Peterson Khumalo
Managing Director

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