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Sage 300 2021 Release

Sales Withholding Tax

Businesses can now withhold some or all the tax amount so that it can be remitted to the local tax authorities as required.

Change Web UI font size

New feature to adjust the Web UI font size.

Increase Cheque length

Increased the number of characters in the cheque field from 9 to 15.



Sage 300 2020.2 Release

Web Screens Improvements

For users who manage multiple companies, you can now assign a unique colour to your web screen banner for each company to make it easier to differentiate and avoid data entry errors.

You can now enter longer comments / instructions for your Order Details in the O/E Order Entry screen. You can also specify a Bill of Material (BOM) number in the Kit/BOM field when entering an order detail for a Bill of Material.


Sage 300 2020.1 Release

Multiple Contacts

The new Multiple Contacts module allow Sage 300 customers to create contacts that can be used in multiple customer / vendor records. Users can set up Sage 300 to email A/P, AR, O/E, and P/O documents to specific contacts in each customer and vendor.

Other Improvements

New features in this release include (1) functions on the desktop application that allow Sage 300 admin managers to evict web screen users; (2) a newer and better display for Sage 300 web screens; and (3) bi-directional CRM updates.

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