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Coronavirus (COVID-19) support

Sage is committed to supporting businesses in Asia by providing helpful advice and expert guidance to ensure your business receives the assistance it needs to respond to these uncertain times.

Find quick access to industry compliant solutions that enable your business to operate remotely, update yourself with relevant government programs, sign in to our webinars on operating remotely and productively, and learn from other useful advice and resources to help your business reinvent your operations for recovery during this COVID 19 pandemic.

Steve Hare

Steve Hare, CEO: Navigating uncertain times with calm, caution, and commitment

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Arlene Wherrett

Arlene Wherrett, Vice President & Managing Director, Sage Asia: As our Sage customers start to look for the new normal, Sage will be right by their side, helping to face the next steps together for their business.

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Learn how you can make the best use of your Sage product.

Lighten finance workloads and equip sales for success

Learn how you can enable your sales team to access Sage 300 for customer data without having to rely on finance.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Discover the power of sage Enterprise Intelligence, a scalable BI solution that enables you to analyse, report and generate business insights for real-time decision making.

Sage ERP Tech Talk Series: How To Build A Resilient Organisation With Technology And Data

Learn how businesses are coming back online and how they're leveraging technology and data to make their businesses more resilient.

Discover the best new features and tips in Sage 300cloud to boost your productivity

Discover the many new features of Sage 300 to boost your work productivity, which include Sage 300cloud web screens; cloud hosting with Huawei; Sage CashView and Peppol Sage E-invoicing. 

Benefit from an integrated Payroll and Time Attendance Solution with Sage 300

Save countless hours in manual payroll and data reconciliation with Sage EasyPay and Sage EasyTime and improve collaboration and visibility across your business.

Track, manage and control your expenses with Sage 300 ISV solution - Norming Resource Manager

Discover how you can seamlessly track, manage and control expenses to better manage costs.

Unlocking value from Sage Enterprise Intelligence & Sage X3

Learn how you can leverage SEI for data-driven insights, empowering you to overcome the challenges of cash flow stability; changing customer and supplier demands and more. 

Automate your cash flow forecast and account receivable collection

Learn how you can gain a real-time view into your cash flow position, and have an effective tool to manage your accounts receivable collection and get paid faster, leveraging technologies from Sage CashView and Draycir Credit Hound.

Enable Sales Anywhere

Learn how AutoSimply mobile solutions enable sales to take place anywhere and anytime, synchronize transactions with your Sage 300 real-time and eliminate labour intensive data entries in the back office.

Smarter Remote Working

Learn how an on-premise Sage 300 installation can form part of a hybrid-cloud environment that supports remote working. 

Leverage on Sage Enterprise Intelligence for data-driven insights

Sage experts will show you the advantages of SEI and how you can make your data work harder for you through dynamic and well-defined report templates accessible anywhere, anytime.

How to make your Sage 300 application “Workfrom-Home” capable

Explore the latest capabilities of Sage 300cloud, the companion user interface to your Sage 300 system. Learn how you can deploy it today to address your need to provide an effective solution to your work-from-home dilemma.

Norming Resource Manager - A Work-From-Home Solution with Sage 300

In this webinar, find out how Norming Resource Manager helps you be more productive working from home.

Working Remotely with Sage CRM

Find out the business value in adding CRM to your Sage 300 installation and see CRM in action through our demo.

Business advice and support

Whatever the next steps are for your business, let’s face them together. Check out our expert advice articles for top tips to help you bounce back.

Building a better future for your firm

Building a better future for your firm

Taking a look back at the past few months, what has changed? What’s different from 2019? Of course, we can all point to so many changes, personal and professional, as a result of COVID-19. The real question is, will your future be better than the past? I believe it can be if you make an […]

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Chemical manufacturing challenges in a post-coronavirus future

Chemical manufacturing challenges in a post-coronavirus future

How should chemical manufacturers do business in a post-coronavirus world? With the challenges ahead, where does sustainability and green chemistry fit in? Products made by chemical manufacturers are often part of the supply chain upstream of other industries, such as food, medical, construction, transport, electronics, and clothing. It contributes to many of the consumer products […]

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How to build a business and people growth strategy

How to build a business and people growth strategy

As an entrepreneur with a passion for business growth, I’ve supported other entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I recall supporting a business that has really struggled to adapt its business model so it can ensure sustainability. Another had to make the hard decision to reduce numbers within its growing team, as […]

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9 trends that will shape your business due to coronavirus

9 trends that will shape your business due to coronavirus

As your business emerges from lockdown, you’ll be moving from reactive – solving the immediate challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – to proactive: creating a new long-term vision for your company and capitalising on changes in your marketplace. Costs have been cut, efficiencies have been made, and now is the time to look to […]

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How AI can power post-coronavirus supply chains

How AI can power post-coronavirus supply chains

According to 2020 report from MHI and Deloitte, 12%of supply chain professionals said that their businesses are currently using AI

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The new reality and how to prepare your business for the upturn

The new reality and how to prepare your business for the upturn

During uncertain times, a business can adapt and keep moving by adequately responding to the changing dynamics of the marketplace. Undoubtedly, market fluctuations and unforeseen circumstances can stimulate change in your customers and influence their buying behaviors. But businesses that keep customer insights and data on the forefront will be better able to serve their […]

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Project financial management: 6 best practice tips to follow

Project financial management: 6 best practice tips to follow

Project financial management is critically important for your business. Follow these six best practices so you can enhance your processes.

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Business continuity: How to confidently approach it with a clear focus

Business continuity: How to confidently approach it with a clear focus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is rightly considered the most significant challenge to daily business of the modern era. But its business disruptions are not unique: the financial crash of 2007/08, the Fukushima nuclear reactor burnout, and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 all left long-lasting global footprints on business. Business disruptions happen – and seemingly with increasing regularity. […]

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Coronavirus business support article topics

The government is encouraging people to work from home if possible. Our resources can help you keep your business running and productive.

Free access to solutions

Sage Business Cloud Accounting: Free 30-day trial

Manage your accounts, any time, anywhere. No ties, cancel any time. Available to new customers.

Sage UBS: Free 14-day trial

A highly trusted accounting software perfect for small and medium sized companies looking to manage their accounts and financial effectively in a professional way. For new Sage UBS customers only.

Sage Payroll: Free for 15-day trial

With an intuitive interface and navigation with logical work-flows, easily manage your allowances, deductions, overtime and others in a single screen. For new Sage Payroll users only.

Stay up to date on the latest advice

Malaysia Government Information

Best practices for SMEs during COVID-19

Learn from other business peers who need the same business benefits as you do – from tools that enable increased company productivity, real-time visibility of business performance, technology simplification to processes that reduce wastage of time and manual processes.

Cairnhill Metrology

"The engagement with Sage has made a good impact across the business. It has enabled Cairnhill to use less paper; it encourages teamwork through data sharing leading to greater collaboration; and it has improved workflow and process simplification for improved productivity."

Lim Seng Choo, Group Managing Director

Helmi Talib & Co

"It has helped increase the productivity of our employees. And because all our accounts are interlinked and accurately updated, it helps us submit financial reports to our clients in a more timely fashion, according to all financial and statutory requirements.”

Ana Marie Ronquillo, Senior Manager, Business Process Outsourcing

Astone Hong Kong

“Astone is very happy with the benefits Sage 300cloud has delivered, helping the company eliminate inefficiencies, improve internal processes, and make faster, better decisions.”

Terrence Wong, Director of Product Development & Operations

Christopher Sim & Co.

“Sage UBS makes billing and accounting easy. It helps us save a lot of time when posting billing in accounting. And it helps our clients stay compliant with statutory payroll requirements.”

Ling Ping Leong, Manager

Okaya Lanka

“Sage 300cloud really does help us minimise manual processes. It provides us with more control. For example, it helps us prevent duplication of payments, which is a big advantage. It has given us a fool-proof system for our finance department.”

Buddhika Hathwaick, Accountant

Gummi Metall Technik

“Sage X3 has helped us save a lot of time across our departments, including our purchasing and stores departments. The solution is completely integrated, so you don’t have to do everything manually.”

Sivanjothi K, Business Unit Manager

Temasek Polytechnic

“Sage 300 provides an easy learning interface because it’s user friendly and a simple way of doing things.”

Joanna Tan, Senior Lecturer

Boh Tea

“It’s vital that each stage of our production process runs as effectively as possible. With real time data, actionable reports and simplified vendor onboarding and invoicing, Sage helps us run our business from end to end."

Caroline Russel, CEO

Barakah Cuisine Ventures

“Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a very easy-to-use solution. It’s allowed my restaurant manager to easily understand basic journal entries, even though he doesn’t have any formal accounting qualifications.”

Dr. Mohd Ariff Kasim, Owner

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