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How complex businesses like Cairnhill Metrology keep things simple

When it comes to the production of commodities in the medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries, accuracy and attention to detail are essential. Just ask Cairnhill Metrology.

Established in 1983, Cairnhill Metrology Pte Ltd boasts solutions that can measure weights and dimensions down to the microns and sub-microns, assisting with the quality assurance and manufacturing practices of products.

They serve a multitude of companies across Asia with a team of over 140 staff across 5 countries in the region.

In a bid to remain competitive, effective and efficient amid ever-changing business landscapes, Cairnhill Metrology knew it had to transition towards a digital system that simplified and streamlined its business processes.

But what then does an expert in accuracy look for in a digital business solutions provider?

1. Unparalleled efficiency

For businesses, efficiency is key. And investing in automation has become a necessity. In a study conducted by Mckinsey & Co., it was revealed that 31% of businesses have fully automated at least one business function, with 66% of companies piloting solutions to follow suit. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant rise of the work-from-home arrangement, the ability to automate processes is perhaps more critical than ever.

This is where Sage 300 delivers. A business management and ERP software whose critical functions support accounting, sales, service, purchasing, tax compliance and inventory management, it takes care of mundane day-to-day tasks, allowing staff to focus on more important work. Designed to have strong financial, operational, mobility, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) features and capabilities, it helps companies integrate all aspects of their business into a cohesive unit.

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For Cairnhill Metrology, Sage 300’s ability to manage multiple currencies, reduce business complexities, provide real-time data and actionable reports, and simplify inventory management has boosted both productivity and profitability. As a regional business with a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, the ability to draw upon Sage 300 as a resource allows Cairnhill Metrology to speak across nations, and gives them the consistent accuracy and efficient edge they need.

2. Tools to improve customer relationships

Good customer relationships form the core of any successful business. Simply put, when a business puts the customer first, they both last. With a large customer base and the need to keep track of customers’ installed equipment to provide effective service support, Cairnhill Metrology required a solution that would improve productivity, profitability and customer service standards.

Enter Sage CRM, a cloud-based customer relationship management solution. Designed to help small and midsize businesses optimise their customer experience and grow, Sage CRM offers tools to optimally manage new and existing client relationships.

For Cairnhill Metrology, Sage CRM provides them with simplified data sharing through a transition to paperless, digital solutions, and a centralised business database. With all the information they need in one place, company reps are able to work more efficiently, by cutting out time sourcing for information, and focus on delivering quality service experiences.

Additionally, Sage CRM assists Cairnhill Metrology by simplifying marketing, sales and service processes. With the ability to automate these processes, such as creating quotes and orders, sales forecasting, as well as the pursuing and converting of leads, it empowers the company to be proactive rather than reactive, and capitalise on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

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3. HR optimisation

The importance of good human resources (HR) can never be overstated. With the capacity to impact productivity, turnover rates and employee engagement, a good HR department is paramount to a company’s success with its ability to create a positive business culture. As global, regional and local business landscapes are perpetually evolving, HR practitioners need a system that can handle and guide them through this constant change.

Sage EasyPay measures up to the challenge. Compliant with regulatory standards in 7 countries, intuitive to use, and adaptive to HR needs, the award-winning software forms the spine of many successful companies.

It significantly reduces payroll processing work and is constantly updated with local legislation changes to ensure that companies are always compliant. Additionally, Local Business Day support is provided to assist with any queries or needs. Functions vital for Cairnhill Metrology, as it ensures that their various offices are administrating employees at optimum levels despite the different geography.

Sage EasyPay also does far more than its name suggests. More than just a payroll solution, it contains a wide variety of add-ons, such as the Employee Time Management module, that can catalyse business growth by elevating HR management to another level.

The Employee Self Service module is also available to improve employee experience when it comes to admin and HR processes. This eliminates any potential stress or frustration hampering productivity, as handling such matters through outdated methods can be a hassle for all parties. Improving the employee experience should be part of a good HR strategy and plays an important role in helping businesses to grow. Companies should provide their employees with the resources and platform to help them perform to their potential.

Your partner for precision

Companies rely on Cairnhill Metrology to provide accuracy and reliability. Cairnhill Metrology relies on Sage’s full suite of integrated solutions to deliver the same, and more. And Sage is proud to have assisted Cairnhill Metrology in fulfilling their vision of becoming the trusted industrial metrology solutions provider of choice in the region.

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