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Maximise your employees’ potential with human resources management software

HR software transforms your human resources planning and deployment. Sage’s next-generation, user-friendly human resource management solutions help you keep your employees productive, engaged and happy.

Why effective human resources management is essential

For many organisations, employee onboarding, wages and benefits represents their largest expense. That’s why getting the most from your workforce is essential to your profitability.

Finding candidates with the right competency, skills, experience and attitude to meet your business goals isn’t always easy. Human resource management systems (HRMS) help make personnel planning simple.

Identifying your top people, building strong teams and developing your workplace skill sets are essential for business continuity. The best human resource management systems deliver better experiences for your workforce and encourage employee engagement.

Building a reputation as an “employer of choice” makes hiring and retaining top talent far more straightforward. Investing in your human resource software increases HR productivity and draws stronger applications for your hiring managers to choose from.

HR software makes personnel planning simple

Human resources software automates many HR processes, removing the need for outdated manual personnel tracking systems, cutting costs and saving valuable time. Access to real-time workforce visibility helps your employee management team implement better ways of working.

Plus, our personnel management software allows you to instantly access customised dashboards and create reports directly from the database. You can also manage attendance, training, available time, and so much more.

Our HR system holds all the information you need to plan ahead for seasonal resourcing requirements. With Sage’s agile human capital management (HCM) system, you always have the best possible data and insights to inform your business decisions. 

What the best human resource management systems offer

A quality human resource management system (HRM system) should be one of your everyday tools. It should be fast to implement and make employee assessments, hiring and onboarding smooth. Establishing employee competency levels and scheduling a regular review for each member of your workforce needs to be simple.

Choosing the right HRMS helps you better manage and serve your employees, who are key to the lasting success of your business.

You also need HR programs that integrate with payroll and other software you depend on, offer security and grow as your workforce expands and changes. Sage’s state-of-the-art HRM system delivers:

  • High configurability and market-leading implementation speed
  • Access to real-time people database from multiple locations
  • Advanced security features and ultimate stability
  • Automatic compliance with legislation in Malaysia and globally
  • Management of unlimited employees and companies

Sage’s HR software transforms every stage of employee management 

Sage human resource management packages offer effective end-to-end career tracking. Integrated hiring and paperless onboarding software make recruitment processes simple from first contact. Our HR system includes advanced tools to keep your workforce happy and productive through every stage of the personnel life cycle. 

With the employee self-service (ESS) feature, your people can carry out routine HR tasks with ease. Applying for leave, managing payslips, assessment and review planning, competency surveys and updating personal details can all be completed via the ESS application. HR workflows are streamlined, freeing up time for more valuable business tasks.

Get more from your people

Use personnel management software from Sage to grow and support your talent, building a productive and happy workforce.

Sage EasyPay

Robust payroll software with intelligent, intuitive and easy to configure solutions perfect for SMEs looking to effectively manage payroll needs.

  • Trusted by more than 18,000 businesses in Malaysia, Singapore and throughout South East Asia
  • Secure, stable and easy to use.
  • Compliance support across 7 countries in Asia for leave and claims.
  • Manage HR & payroll completely from data gathering  to tax calculations, right down to submissions.
  • Cost Centre Module enables you to effectively integrate to General Ledgers in ERP solutions like Sage 300. 
  • Integrate with ePortal or ESS to improve employee engagement anytime, anywhere.

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Using Sage EasyPay has helped significantly cut down payroll processing work.

Robin Lim, Operations and Admin Manager

Cairnhill Metrology Pte Ltd, Singapore