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Value of a certification

We have found that many students attend a Sage training course but don’t opt to write the assessment and obtain a certificate.

These students are either afraid of failing, or feel that they know what they are doing and don’t need a certificate to prove that they can do the job. The reality is that most employers insist on seeing the certification rather than taking the prospective employee’s word on whether they can do the job. We’ve done away with written assessments by offering students the opportunity to write their assessments online, at a training venue of their choice. Certificates will also be e-mailed in PDF format offering the following mutual benefits:

  • Electronic sending of certificates decreases our carbon footprint.
  • There is no chance of a student’s certificate being lost in the post.
  • Certificates can now be easily attached when e-mailing CVs within the workplace.
  • If certificates are deleted by accident, students can log into Sage University and re-print their certificate. 

Obtaining a sage certification should be a priority as it proves the following:

A Sage certification is a globally accepted means of assessing an essential set of abilities

  • When employees are confident using Sage products, they will deliver a significant return on investment back to their employer
  • A Sage certificate is evidence that an employee is competent enough to perform the tasks assigned to him/her
  • Certification shows the determination and ability of an employee to complete a task
  • A Sage certification allows employees to apply their skills immediately after completing the training

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