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Development Partners

Sage 300cloud

At Sage we understand that businesses have different needs. In order to provide greater offering to our customers we have built strategic relationships with some of the industry’s leading Independent Software Vendors (ISV) in order to extend the business management functions in specialist domains.

Asset Management

Norming Software

A powerful and complete Asset Management solution, which can be used to process all the asset accounting transactions including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal, merge and split, as well as facilitate the asset maintenance and lease management.

Cash Management and Reconciliation

Peresoft Cashbook

A comprehensive cash management solution, Cashbook Powered by PereSoft is a streamlined business tool that maintains your bank account and organises your cash flow. Automate your bank reconciliation with RecXpress, Powered by PereSoft.

Discrete Manufacturing


Manufacturing Order, powered by AutoSimply is a discrete manufacturing solution for SMEs. It enables efficient manufacturing operation flow covering material purchase, processing manufacturing orders, work-in-progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout.


Sage eCommerce

The world’s only eCommerce solution fully certified by Sage. We enable customers to seamlessly extend their Sage platform to the digital world with secure and real-time connectivity, giving them Intelligent eCommerce. Sage eCommerce writes web orders, web quotes, and payment details to Sage in real-time. This ensures that when your customer accesses your online store they see the information relevant to them.

HR and Payroll

Sage EasyPay

Powerfully integrated, effectively manage your business with a complete payroll solution and end to end business management with Sage 300cloud and Sage EasyPay

Inventory Optimization

Sage Inventory Advisor

Minimise stock-outs. Reduce excess inventory. Simplify ordering. With the right inventory in the right place at the right time, growing your business has never been easier with Sage Inventory Advisor.


Service Manager, Powered by Technisoft

For service-based businesses, the key to success is a streamlined and efficient call centre that presents all the information quickly to your staff when they need it. Sage 300 enables customer information to flow throughout the business– from the call centre to the technicians on the road and ultimately to the customer. Make your service and maintenance resources work harder with true, centralised accountability that helps you manage the resources, products and services your business offers. Access your data locally or from the field using mobile or web technologies to save time, lower expenses, monitor profitability, increase productivity and most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.


Sage 300 Retail Management by Infocentral

The number 1 Sage ERP point of sale solution. Sage 300 Retail Management by Infocentral powers millions of retail transactions every year. Delivered with a wide range of features, Sage 300 Retail Management is affordable and competitive. It offers tremendous power and flexibility, enabling retailers to customise the system to best suit their requirements. Comprehensive reporting and analysis allows for smarter business decisions.

Warehouse Management


Sage Geode is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that will optimise the available space and logistical operations within the warehouse, from receiving to shipping.

Granite Granite Warehouse Management System (WMS) recognises the requirement for a simple barcode based warehouse management system. It integrates seamlessly with Sage 300 and expands on and exposes warehouse operations and processes of the ERP. Granite WMS helps companies manage their warehouses through a lean barcode driven warehouse execution and management system.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Processing for Payment

Orchid Systems

Powered by Orchid Systems, EFT Processing streamlines payment and collection processes by transferring Sage 300 receipts and payments, including those from US and Canadian Payroll, through to the EFT functionality of your banking software.


Pacific Technologies

Purchasing flow by Pacific Technologies maximizes the potential of your purchasing system with a single comprehensive approach. Purchasing Workflow will bring your purchasing decisions across multiple fields, goods and service requirements together in one centralised and logical system. This technology will enable you to tightly control and manage your procurement processes, streamlining inefficiencies where needed and bringing clarity to every level. This means you’ll be able to focus on maintaining best prices, practices and supplier relationships across the board.

Our highly qualified sales team would be happy to discuss your business needs with you.

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