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Connect your bank

Bank transactions effortlessly flow into Sage Business Cloud Accounting and automatically match with your invoices. It is secure, accurate and saves you time.

Match transactions to invoices in a click

Accounting software automatically downloads and matches transactions to invoices making your data access speedier. Who says accounting can't be fun?

Take control of your banking – work faster and smarter

Do you want to give your fingers a break? Spend up to 80% less time on admin, compared to manual data entry.

Matches transactions automatically

Create and split bank transactions easily.

Memorises your choices

Intelligently learns from your category selections.

Produces profit and loss, trial balance reports and more.

Saves you time

Spend time growing your business and not on administration.

A complete up-to-date picture of the business you love

Make smart business decisions based on accurate data. Join the 3 million customers who trust Sage just like Academy of Sound Engineering.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is the perfect tool for our Sound Engineer's Project Management course. Sage Accounting enhances our student's competitiveness beyond the fundamentals of sound engineering.

Timothy Kraft, Managing Director

Academy of Sound Engineering, South Africa

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