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Stock management sorted

Stay on top of your stock levels with a real-time view of your business. Get everything you need for stock management, all in one place.

Create and send professional and personalised invoices

Learn how to spend less time managing invoicing and payments and more time growing your business.

Invoicing made easy

Supercharge your sales workflow. With reusable records for every stock item or service and auto adjustments, invoicing is made easy for you.

Conduct your business your way

Use our detailed item records to hold need-to-know information about your items and stock.

Flexible item types

Don't track stock? It’s easy to set up stock, non-stock and service items.

Customisable pricing

All the flexibility you need to offer customised pricing and discounts.

Multi-level categories

Categories get you organised by filtering information to help you find what you need.

Stay on top of the numbers

Find out how many items are selling and how much money you are earning. Accounting provides all the information needed to help you make smarter, faster business decisions.

Get up and running

There is no need for a time-consuming manual stock set up. Upload your details as a spreadsheet and put Accounting to work in minutes.

Not sure if Accounting will help you with stock management? Give it a free try for 30 days. No card is needed. Cancel anytime.

Breakthrough apps for businesses taking off in the future

Take care of invoicing on the road, banking at the office and manage cash flow from your home. Our mobile accounting apps work with PCs, Macs, iOS and Android.

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