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Invoice. Paid. Done.

Create invoices online. Send them to your customers in seconds, track what you’re owed and accept payments.

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Chase payments effortlessly and watch your cash-flow rocket

Instantly see which invoices have been sent, which are unpaid and which are overdue. Reduce the time between sending an invoice and getting paid.

Present a professional image with less fuss

Select a flexible invoice template, upload your logo and choose the perfect colour and font. Customise the details and wording and you’re good to go.

50 Madison Ave Sandton, Johannesburg 5000 BUG TESTING FROM VAT NO: 123456780 ADDRESS: JASON STEVENS TO CUSTOMER VAT NO: 123456780 ADDRESS: TAX INVOICE Description Quantity Excl. Price Disc % VAT % Excl. Total Incl. Total Aluminium Road Frame 1.00 R13 382.61 10.00% 15.00% R13 382.61 R15 389.60 NUMBER: DATE: DUE DATE: SALES REP: PAGE: INV000075 03/03/2022 04/04/2022 0.00% 1/1

Quick and easy invoicing

With customer details and your product or service information all close at hand in your Sage Business Cloud Account, sending an invoice is quick and easy. Just select a customer, choose the products or services bought, then send an invoice. You are well on your way to getting paid.

Conduct your business your way

Accounting includes the following great invoicing features as standard.
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Terms and credit control

Choose due dates, set credit limits and custom terms.
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Pro-forma invoices

Take payment up-front without affecting your accounts.
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VAT management

VAT is automatic and effortless.

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Invoicing in different currencies

Exchange rates, adjustments and charges taken care of.
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Discount items

Discount by amount or percentage for each item sold.
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Print delivery notes

Great as picking lists or to send with deliveries.
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Quotes and estimates

Quote for a fixed price or estimate for a rough price.
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Tablet and mobile

On the move or with a client - wherever it suits you.

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"Sage Accounting enhances our student's competitiveness beyond the fundamentals of sound engineering."

Timothy Kraft, Managing Director
Academy of Sound Engineering, South Africa

Breakthrough apps for businesses that are going places

Take care of invoicing while you travel, bank at the office or manage cash flow from your home. Works with PCs, Macs, iOS and Android.