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Connect your bank feeds, make admin a breeze

Using online banking for your business? It’s fast and easy to set up a connection and automatically import transactions into Sage Accounting. Save time, stay secure, and say goodbye to admin.

Take control of your business with Sage bank feeds

Save time

By connecting your bank, you create an automated bank feed. This enables data to instantly pull through from your bank account(s) to Sage Accounting. This data is automatically matched to your invoices, payments, and purchases. Save time, improve data accuracy, and import historical data.

Connect to your bank

Whether your bank is RBC, TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank or another bank, you can connect it to Sage Accounting and automatically capture, categorize, and reconcile transactions.

Have confidence in your figures

Always know when you’ve been paid, track spending, and get full visibility of your cash flow with simple dashboards.

Keep data secure

By sharing data using a bank feed, you can be confident that it’s shared with Sage through a secure connection. We’ll help you grant access with your bank and then you’ll be ready to go.

Get software that learns with you

Sage Accounting intelligently learns from your category selections and automatically populates and routes transactions in Sage Accounting.

Manage global accounts

Set up new bank accounts for the countries you trade in to boss business in every currency. See how exchange rates affect your cash flow. And make or receive payments in multiple countries – all with Sage Accounting Plus.

Plans to support you and your business

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**  Not all Accounting features available on the mobile app. Mobile devices sold separately and a data plan is required. Data access is subject to cellular provider network availability and occasional downtime due to system maintenance.


If you’re using online banking then you can easily and securely make a connection between your bank and Sage Accounting – this is called a bank feed. Transactions will be automatically imported into Sage Accounting, doing all of your regular manual admin for you.

When you’ve connected your bank feed, you can begin bank reconciliation.

More on bank reconciliation

Start set up: Sign into Sage Accounting and select the option to connect your bank account to a data feed.

  1. Choose your bank: Select your bank from the list and enter account details
  2. Give authorization: Let your bank know you're happy to send data to Sage software.
  3. Activate the feed: Once activated, your bank transactions will flow into your accounts.
  4. Set up rules: Use custom rules to categorize transactions.
  5. Start reconciliation: New transactions will be automatically categorized and allocated.

By using bank feeds you can:

  • Save time with an automated process that pulls data from your bank to Sage
  • Take control of your cash flow with better visibility of your data
  • Have confidence that your data is secure by sharing it via a secure connection
  • Use up-to-date reports to stay on top of your cash
  • Use bank reconciliation to further automate admin

Yes. Your bank feed is shared with Sage Accounting through a secure connection. All you have to do to get started is grant access with your bank and confirm every three months that you’re still happy to share data with us.

Sage Accounting connects directly to hundreds of banks. And we can help you to get set up.

See the full list of banks

Direct bank feeds:

  • Where we have an agreement with your bank or financial institution to connect in a specified way
  • Usually requires you to complete an authorization form
  • The authorization process can take up to from 3 to 10 working days from receiving the form before the connection is set up
  • Once set up, there is no need to re-authorize your connection
  • Transactions are usually sent to Sage Accounting daily

Open bank feeds:

  • Usually requires you to log in to your online bank account as part of the connection process
  • You'll need to know your online bank account details, including the username and password
  • Re-authorize your account every 90 days
  • Your bank feed is usually set up and connected within 30 minutes

Bank reconciliation is the process of comparing your business financial records with transactions on business bank statements to make sure they match. It helps you:

  • Save time with an automated process
  • Control cash with a secure view of all of your transactions in one place
  • Improve accuracy and spot fraudulent activity

Discover more about bank reconciliation

Banks that connect to Sage Accounting software

Sage Accounting connects to hundreds of banks including RBC, TD Canada Trust and Scotiabank.

"I can easily access my accounts and I know what’s going on. I can check whether a customer has actually paid me because it’s connected to my bank account."

Janice B. Gordon
Founder, Scale Your Sales

Save time with bank feeds

Save up to 8 hours reconciling bank transactions

Reduce manual data entry by up to 80%

80% of Sage customers find reconciliation easy

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