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Sage 300c Development Partners

It is very important to understand that every business is different and has different business needs. Sage development partners are a number of industry leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with whom Sage has built strategic relationships in order to extend specialized business management functions to the clients.

Asset Management

Norming Software

This is a complete Asset Management solution that can help process all of the asset accounting transactions. This processing includes facilitating asset maintenance and lease management, merge and split, disposal, depreciation, adjustment, and acquisition.

Cash Management and Reconciliation

Peresoft Cashbook

The cash management and reconciliation tool, powered by PereSoft, is one of the comprehensive cash management solutions offered that can help a company organize their cash flow and maintain their bank account. You can also automate the bank reconciliation process with RecXpress, also powered by PereSoft.

Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Powered by AutoSimply

The manufacturing order solution, powered by AutoSimply, is an ideal and discrete manufacturing solution for SMEs. The software solution increases the efficiency of the entire manufacturing operation flow. This covers order closeout, material scrap and item substitution, material consumption, routing cost calculation, work-in-progress, processing manufacturing orders, and material purchase. 


XM Symphony

can provide you with a simple to use and comprehensive eCommerce website that can be integrated with the Sage 300cloud software solution. With this integration you can avail a number of features, like the automation of your order entry, pricelists, volume discounts, order status updates, specials, and much more. All these features are pulled from Sage 300cloud in real time. With this eCommerce solution you can provide your valued wholesale customers with dynamic, up-to-the-minute, real-time content.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Spindle Professional

Business documents, via print, fax, or email, can be delivered to multiple locations, while being archived for future access, with just one click through the Spindle Professional module for Sage 300cloud. This module offers businesses offers a better return on investment through a number of aspects. These aspects include the reduction of stationary and posting costs, which also helps the environment by lessening the use of paper; the improvement of internal communications, saving administration time, and in the process, enhancing the image of the company. The module also allows you to add PDF digital signatures that ensure that your PDFs are authenticated and protected.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

AccArchive, powered by DocuVision, helps you in the improved management of storage, retrieval and key information flow in the organization. Document archiving, processing, control, and delivery solutions are integrated through the suite of modules that is available. This also helps in the management of the wide variety of paper and other digital documents that are generated.

HR and Payroll

Norming Payroll Manager

The norming Payroll Manager can provide you with a complete payroll management solution. Not only can this solution be used to set up your employee database, but also to maintain other aspects of the payroll, including earnings, deductions, taxes, etc.

Inventory Optimisation

Sage Inventory Advisor

The Sage Inventory Advisor can assist you in growing your business by providing you with the right inventory at the right time and at the right place. This inventory management solution can help you minimize your stock outputs, reduce any excess inventories, and simplifying ordering.



'Projects’ is powered by Enabling IP Projects, and is a quick working and easy-to-use Time Billing and Job Costing solution for the Sage 300cloud software. This solution provides users with complete visibility of work in progress, project profitability, and employee utilization; basically, a complete view of all project activity. With this module, you can create summaries as well as recurring invoices that can be linked to Projects, which can be used for billing and allocating time and expenses to the invoices.


Service Manager, Powered by Technisoft

A streamlined and efficient call center that can provide information as and when required, is the key to success for service-based businesses. Customer information can flow throughout the business, from call centers to the on field technicians to the customers, with the help of Sage 300cloud. Sage 300cloud can make your maintenance and service resources work harder. It offers a centralised accountability that can help in the management resources, services, and products that your business has to offer. The data stored in the software can be accessed from your business site as well as on the move. Sage 300cloud can help you in saving time, lowering your expenses, monitoring the profitability, increasing your productivity, and improving customer satisfaction.


Retail Management

The Sage 300cloud Retail Management solution by Infocentral powers millions of retail transactions every year. The software solution is an affordable and competitive solution that offers a wide range of features. This management solution offers great flexibility that allows the retailers to highly customize the system in order to suit their specific requirements. The comprehensive reporting and analysis features allow for taking smarter business decisions.

Warehouse Management


From receiving to shipping, Geode is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that optimizes the available space as well as the logistical operations in the warehouse.


The Granite WMS integrates seamlessly with Sage 300cloud and fulfills the requirements of a barcode based warehouse management system. Granite expands on and exposes the warehouse operations as well as the ERP processes in place. This warehouse management system assists the companies in the easy management of their warehouses.


AccTech eWorkflow - The AccTech eWorkflow is an intuitive role-based software process tool that can be fully integrated in the Sage 300cloud software. This software process tool offers better management of business processes through automated and managed processes that can help improve productivity as well as efficiency. Transactions, activities, and tasks can be routed for each person who is involved in the process. The tool can help in the full tracking of all actions, all the way from the source to the end, which results in bridging the gap between the business operations and the back office.


FloPac -FloPac assists companies in improving and mapping workflow, but unlike some other solutions, it begins at the core, the business rules that underlie the processes. This software solution focuses on the automation and integration of systems and people through technology. FloPac provides a logical solution to companies for the utilization of the Sage 300cloud ERP system by providing the companies with workflow enabled processes that can automate and control any activities that are not handled by Sage 300cloud.


Purchasing Workflow by Pacific Technologies - Purchasing Workflow is a comprehensive approach towards maximizing the potential of a company’s purchasing system. All your purchasing decisions, from across multiple fields, goods, and service requirements, are brought together to one logical and centralized system. This technology solution affords you complete control over the management of your procurement process and streamlines any inefficiencies wherever needed, thereby bringing clarity at entry level. This enable you to focus on the maintenance of your best supplier relationships, practices, and best prices all across.