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Sage 300cloud Key features

Accounting and Finance
With the Sage 300cloud software, you can integrate all your service and sales functions effortlessly. This integration of features leads to a streamlined end-to-end compliance and financial reporting.
Anytime, anywhere mobile access
Sage 300cloud offers anytime, anywhere, and any-device access to business and transactional data, critical to supporting an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed business.
Effectively manage projects and track job costs
Keep projects on schedule and on budget with flexible estimating, tracking, and project billing in Sage 300cloud. All costs, payables, and receivables can roll up to each area of the project. Overhead, equipment, and materials are allocated to ensure the project is on time and on budget.
Gain better visibility to make fast, effective decisions
With a 360-degree view of your business, real-time metrics, and the ability to create personalised dashboards and meaningful reports, you gain live visibility across all departments and companies with Sage 300cloud business intelligence tools.
Ship orders on time, manage inventory across multiple locations
Integrate disparate processes across multiple warehouses, inventory, production, and service departments and enjoy faster, more 
accurate fulfilment, satisfied customers, quicker payments, and much greater profitability.
Take the complexity out of managing your financials
With Sage 300cloud, you will have an accurate, real-time understanding of your financial position, whether it’s cash flow, receivables, or payables across multiple locations, companies, currencies, and international borders.
Sales and customer management
The Sage 300cloud software offers better sales management, through the optimization of your distribution and sales processes.
Purchasing and supplier management
Your company’s entire purchasing process can be streamlined with Sage 300cloud. The purchasing management tool also lets you create detailed and accurate records of all your purchases.
Business intelligence and reporting
With the business intelligence and reporting tool, you can get selective access to critical data. This can be done in order to identify, analyze, and take immediate action on any issues that come up.
Inventory and Warehousing
Sage 300cloud offers distributors real-time inventory management software that affords them complete control over warehouse inventory and tracking stock, thereby improving their overall customer satisfaction.
Customer Service
With the integration of Sage CRM, you can increase the overall efficiency of your organization as well as the customer satisfaction.