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Financial management

Control your bottom line with accuracy and real-time global visibility while accommodating local operational requirements.

Budgets and accounting

Control your bottom line

Sage Business Cloud X3 covers financial, cost and budget accounting, commitments and fixed assets. It easily handles transfers from one country to another and between subsidiaries and your headquarters.

Key capabilities include:
  • General ledger with multiple charts of accounts
  • Accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • Cash flow management
  • Bank management
  • Cost and analytical accounting
  • Expenditures
  • Budgets and commitments
Screenshot of the Sage Enterprise Management budget calculation tool

Fixed assets

Monitor your assets

Sage X3 enables you to effectively and efficiently track your organisation's fixed assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Key capabilities include:
  • Numerous depreciation models
  • Fixed asset lifecycle that can trace capital expenditure
  • Interim, opening and closing statements
  • Fixed asset stock count and financing
  • Franchised asset management
  • Financial reporting and dashboards

Financial reporting

Gain practical insights.

Sage X3 provides your entire team with the information they need to make faster, more strategic decisions. Real-time analytics, alerts and notifications empower each role-player in your organisation to respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Key capabilities include:
  • Real-time analytics, alerts, and notifications
  • User-defined dashboards based on trigger events
  • Configurable enquiries on any data table, with automatic or manual joins, sorting and selection
  • Enquiries to search and filter predefined data collections using a variety of prebuilt parameters
  • Library of over 400 standard reports supplied, including legal reports
Screenshot of the Sage Enterprise Management CFO dashboard
Screenshot of the Sage Enterprise Management team pre-sales screen


Increase collaboration

Sage X3 increases the efficiency and collaboration of your teams by integrating your documentation workflows into a single, cohesive and searchable library.

Key capabilities include:
  • Document and revision management as part of the business workflow
  • Sharing by user, role and project teams with tag management
  • Document saving with drag and drop to Sage X3 and online storage
  • Insert charts and data directly to PowerPoint or Word and synchronise data
  • Export to Excel and synchronise data
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook for contacts, calendar and tasks


Gain better efficiency

Sage X3 increases usability, productivity and adaptability of your business management solution by providing highly personalised access to relevant data across departments and job roles.

Key capabilities include:
  • Personalised homepage that gives the user an overview of critical data and guidance to perform common tasks for the role with visual process maps
  • The system can be personalised by the user or administrator, based on security rules in place for the role
  • You can gain access to relevant data, inclusion of internal dynamic data, statistics in table or graph format, calendars, favourites menus, shortcuts to externals URLs, notes and documents
Screenshot of the Sage Enterprise Management buyer screen
Screenshot of the Sage Enterprise Management sales order screen


Access data on the go

Sage X3 introduces an improved, more personal user experience with secure web and mobile technology at its core. It provides access to the data they need, in an intuitive interface, personalised to their role and preferences.

Key capabilities include:
  • It is easy to use and responsive on Android and iOS smartphone and tablet devices
  • Mobile and web deployment enables access to common enterprise data from anywhere and on any device
  • HTML5 interface ensures intuitive browser experience and allows for extensive personalisation by users

Complementary solutions

Expand your solution capabilities with integrated solutions from Sage and its certified partners.

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An intuitive business intelligence solution for all areas of the business, which helps you reduce time spent on analysis and reporting.

Electronic Document Management

V1 Electronic Document Management is a comprehensive document management solution that stores documents electronically, generates and delivers documents electronically and captures emails and paper trails.

Sage X3 Data & Analytics

Sage X3 data and analytics provides users with a hub for managing information from all sources and built-in data models for reporting.

Sage E-Commerce

Build or customise a comprehensive web-store within days and manage catalogues, pricing, inventory, customers and all transactions as part of the Sage X3 core supply chain management process.

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