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Gain complete visibility into your production process

Manufacturing businesses

Track costs, the status of items, and the material quantities required to meet demand.

Manage your manufacturing business

Whether you do simple assembly, repetitive production, or customized fabrication Sage 100cloud for manufacturing has been designed to provide the specific tools manufacturing companies like you need to manage and grow your business.

What Sage100cloud can do for your manufacturing business

Increased accuracy

Track costs beyond a simple bill of materials. Support for tracking labor and other job-related attributes (like overhead, direct AP costs, and status) means manufacturers can get a complete picture of production costs. Plus, track costs relative to budget and make adjustments to inventory, materials, and production processes in real time.

Greater visibility

Using real-time access to the status of every item, manufacturers can improve customer satisfaction by setting accurate delivery expectations. With support for enhanced product configuration and scheduling, businesses can identify bottlenecks and optimize capacity planning.

Optimized inventory

Inventory Requirements Planning combines sales order data already available in Sage 100cloud with manufacturing process data to alert users when ordering is needed. A fully integrated system with built-in controls increases data integrity by minimizing errors. Advance from execution to planning with predictive analytics thanks to Sage Inventory Advisor.

Key manufacturing features

Production management

Track costs, optimize inventory, and monitor production statuses with a centralized production process so that you have full visibility of your production status and immediate demand of your assembly, manufacturing, or fabrication business.

Custom office

Save thousands on customization costs, and upgrade your software while keeping your current customizations intact. Easily add, edit, and report on fields to meet the information collection needs of your specific business, and relabel fields to align with the language you use every day.

Custom scripting

Create automations and workflows, like condition checking, basic alerts, and calculations to auto-populate fields without having to even click a single button. Using Visual Integrator, businesses can easily import files from almost any third-party application into Sage 100cloud.

Inventory requirements planning

Evaluate your current supply and demand functions with a clear view of your current inventory stock levels, open purchase and sales orders, and production material requirements. Build times, lead times, and supply and demand functions are combined to calculate the need for each inventory item.

Sage Production Management

Make to stock manufacturers and fabricators get the tools they need to achieve complete visibility into their production process. Track costs, the status of items, and the material quantities required to meet demand.

Sage 100


Sage 100 Complete is your comprehensive solution.   

  • All the features of Sage 100 Advanced
  • Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Bill of Materials
  • Mobility for Barcode
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"We do projects on fixed bids, so it's essential that we have up-to-date information on individual project costs. With reliable data at our fingertips, we can work smarter and make speedy changes while work is still in progress to maintain profitability."

Tommy Wall
Office manager, Narrow Construction

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Sage 100 ERP for manufacturing businesses FAQs

Sage 100cloud business management ERP software for manufacturing companies is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency. It features inventory planning, predictive analytics, custom workflows, real-time production status, and more. It also integrates with other systems in your business to enhance automation and improve processes across your business.

Manufacturing resource planning ERP systems software can be used by your business to efficiently plan how your resources will be used, create a precise production schedule for the future, consolidate systems, improve business processes, access real-time data reliably and easily, automate routine tasks, unify departmental operations, requirement planning, and more.

Yes, Sage 100cloud is both enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software. You can manage both your resources and streamline your manufacturing with Sage 100cloud, an innovative, flexible solution for growing businesses.

Cloud-based MRP and ERP software can help manufacturing companies plan and automate a variety of back-office business functions, unify production and resource planning, and can simplify, streamline, and organize existing production, assembly, and manufacturing processes.

Sage 100cloud is designed to help businesses stay in compliance with changing legislation and industry requirements. Sage 100cloud is deeply customizable and has features like integrated workflows, mobile access, and numerous compliance tools to help businesses stay up to date with the latest regulations and manage compliance-related tasks.

When choosing the best MRP and ERP software for manufacturing companies, it is important to the capabilities the software has. Consider features like production management, deep customization, inventory requirement planning, and more.

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