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Sage 100 Customization and Integration tools

Work the way that best suits you and your business. Sage 100 offers several tools to customize, adapt, and integrate into your unique workflow.


Customize, integrate, and optimize your workflow

Sage 100 offers the tools to streamline customization, integration, and organization across your business so you can focus on growth.

Work more efficiently

Automate admin tasks to save time and focus on what's important.

Adaptable to your working style

Personalize Sage 100 to accommodate the way you work on your terms.

Go green!

Go sustainable and save time, money, and the environment with paperless office features.

Simplified software integration

Experience seamless synergies between external software packages and your Sage 100 solution.

Sage 100 customization and integration tools features

Microsoft Office Link

Automatically merge accounting data with Microsoft Word®, Excel®, or Exchange software for swift creation of custom documents, messages, and attachments.

  • Automate customer and vendor maintenance tasks.
  • Access template documents specific to your tasks.
  • Merge accounting information with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Personalize documents with details from Sage 100 records using merge fields.

Custom Office for personalization

Change the appearance of your Sage 100 screens to accommodate the way you prefer to work.

  • Specify default values and customize screens.
  • Modify field labels and add user-defined fields.
  • Increase productivity by tailoring screens to your working style.
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) links to external programs or scripts.

Paperless Office

Save time, money, and the environment with electronic delivery of documents.

  • Improve communication with customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Access archived files easily and securely.
  • Reduce paper costs and eliminate the need for physical storage.
  • Enhance document security.

Visual Integrator

Seamlessly integrate your Sage 100 data and your other business applications.

  • Import/export data from ODBC-compliant sources.
  • Schedule jobs and perform subroutines.
  • Validate data and apply selection criteria.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other applications for quick and easy-to read reporting.

Streamline and simplify with Sage 100

Whether you need basic GL, AP, AR, and Bank Reconciliation, or you're looking for advanced functionality, there's a Sage 100 solution for you.
Sage 100


Sage 100 Essentials includes all the powerful cloud features you need to start growing your business. 

  • GL, AP, AR, Bank Reconciliation
  • Business Insights and Sage Intelligence
  • Paperless Office and Credit Card Processing
  • Visual Integrator and Custom Office
  • Sage CRM and Sage Contact
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Sage 100


Sage 100 Advanced is for more complex businesses and accommodates purchase orders, sales orders, and inventory management. 

  • All the features of Sage 100 Essentials
  • Purchase Order and Sales Order
  • Inventory Management
  • DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic
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Sage 100


Sage 100 Complete is your comprehensive solution.   

  • All the features of Sage 100 Advanced
  • Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Bill of Materials
  • Mobility for Barcode
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