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Prepare and empower your business during uncertain times

We are here to support you during this time. We’ve gathered information and resources to help navigate the current Coronavirus situation. You can also find out about support for Sage solutions, including enabling your remote working capabilities. Check this page often for updates.

Steve Hare
Steve Hare, CEO: Navigating uncertain times with calm, caution, and commitment

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Paul Struthers

A message from Paul Struthers, Executive VP and Managing Director, Sage Canada

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Working remotely

The government is encouraging people to work from home if possible. Our resources can help you keep your business running and productive.

Product support and practical advice

Get information about setting up your Sage solutions so you and your teams can be productive at home.

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Sage Coronavirus frequently asked questions

Sage continues to monitor the coronavirus situation and take steps to mitigate risks to our customers, partners, and colleagues. We have established global, regional, and local business continuity plans that are being retested and refined as a further cautionary measure. In addition, our global and regional taskforces meet daily. They are comprised of representatives from our Executive Committee and other executive management, supported by experts from risk, security, travel, people, property, IT, and communications. 
The North America regional taskforce is led by our Managing Director, Nancy Harris. We have implemented a set of safety precautions, including updated travel and safety guidance, and restricted travel to high-risk and outbreak areas. We are also in the process of proactively equipping our colleagues to work from home. As the situation develops, we will continue to assess and implement mitigation and prevention measures recommended by the CDC that will improve safety and help ensure business continuity.
We’ve taken steps to prevent or minimize service disruption by enabling a distributed workforce to operate from a home office in real time and collaborate with colleagues and customers as if they are sitting next to them. This also allows us to maintain service to our customers and partners in events such as this.
To help limit the impact and spread of the coronavirus, we ask that customers and partners help us take cautionary mitigation measures; for example, limiting face-to-face business meetings and instead using video conferences wherever possible. We are monitoring the situation and will follow all local and global health guidelines, including those from WHO and the CDC.
We are confident we have the proper business continuity plans in place to continue to serve our customers. The teams who provide our software services and support services are well prepared to continue operations in the event of any Sage office impacts. We are also implementing contingency plans for our back-office functions to ensure customers receive the same great service they have become accustomed to. Since this is a fast-moving situation, we are constantly assessing our capabilities and implementing controls and solutions as needed.
Many customers are facing the need to close offices and support access to Sage solutions by remote employees. While options vary by solution, most of our products can be accessed remotely, if necessary. Options range from remote VPN access to desktops and servers, to implementing Sage Drive (Sage 50cloud), Sage 300cloud web screens, or third-party hosting. Please check with your business partner or Sage support to discuss the best option for your company.

Prepare and empower your business during uncertain times

We’re open for business. We’re here to support you.

Business advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’ve collated tips and advice to help you adapt your business and provide resources to your employees.

Read the message from Steve Hare, CEO, Sage
Creating a workplace plan for business disruptions

Creating a workplace plan for business disruptions

Considering recent events, contingency planning has become a major consideration within businesses worldwide.   This kind of planning is useful for any unexpected situation, whether it be a global pandemic, inclement weather, or a mass transit strike. Fortunately, you can prepare your business for operational resilience by creating a contingency plan that addresses the impact to your organization, employees, suppliers, and customers.   Here are some suggestions for [&hellip ;]

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5 tips to keep your small business moving

5 tips to keep your small business moving

Fluctuations in the marketplace can be trying for small businesses and entrepreneurs. While you might feel as if you have no control over societal factors that impact your industry, these are the times to quickly adapt, innovate and seize on opportunities to ensure your business survival. Though unwelcome and disruptive, dire predicaments force us to [&hellip ;]

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Managing uncertainty: Achieving business continuity with the cloud

Managing uncertainty : Achieving business continuity with the cloud

A plan for business continuity is just as important as your plan for driving revenue, and cloud connectivity can resolve both. Here's how.

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Trade and traceability: How to battle supply chain disruption

Trade and traceability : How to battle supply chain disruption

As a process manufacturer, how can you reinvent your firm ? Fuelled by digital transformation and Industry 4.0, manufacturers are overhauling their processes across product innovation and through the supply chain with traceability. The shift from products to services and the need to bypass traditional sales channels to exploit the value-added activities of the digital economy are [&hellip ;]

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How traceability can support Canadian manufacturers

How traceability can support Canadian manufacturers

Learn how examining your supply chain closely can help you avoid tariffs, regulatory issues and other disruptions that can impact process manufacturing.

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Working remotely for accountants

Working remotely for accountants

As a Sage partner it’s never been easier to work remotely and empower your business and customers through cloud-based technology. We’ve put together a list of tools and helpful tips to keep your business on track during challenging times. Tools With Sage 50 you can utilize the following tools to maintain productivity and stay in [&hellip ;]

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Working remotely for small business owners

Working remotely for small business owners

As a Sage customer it’s never been easier to work remotely and empower your business and customers through cloud-based technology. We’ve put together a list of tools and helpful tips to keep your business on track during challenging times. Setting up your remote workstation If you’re setting up your remote workstation for the first time, [&hellip ;]

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Understanding blockchain and its impact on accounting

Understanding blockchain and its impact on accounting

Blockchain has been getting quite a bit of coverage, analysis, and debate in the marketplace since bitcoin burst onto the scene at the end of 2017. What are the real implications regarding blockchain for the accounting profession ? While cryptocurrencies may have gotten the majority of the coverage and analysis as it relates to blockchain technology, [&hellip ;]

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Small business webinars

Cut through the confusion: Understanding Sage 50 and Sage 50cloud

Stay productive while working from home, with the versatile cloud connected services of Sage 50cloud.

Streamlining your day with Sage Bank Feeds

Still visiting a bank or manually entering your statements? Save time with simplified bank reconciliation on Sage 50cloud.

Sage Drive, now access your company data from anywhere

Empower yourself to staying on top of your finances remotely, even when working from home.

Get paid faster with smart payment processing solutions in Sage 50

Cash flow difficulties due to outstanding customer payments?  Learn how to provide more convenient customer payment options today.

Additional resources

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How to apply the CRA wage subsidy to the payroll on Sage 50

Complimentary Sage U training resources

If you own a US product, please visit our US Sage Coronavirus Hub

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