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Vision and Mission

Sage Foundation

Helping disadvantaged communities in all 23 countries that we operate in

Sage Foundation supports tens of thousands of people in our local communities through more than 1,000 charities. All colleagues are invited to take five paid days a year to volunteer or fundraise for a charity close to their hearts. 

Sitting at the heart of Sage and led by CEO Steve Hare, Sage Foundation unifies colleagues and partners in a global programme of social change philanthropy, transforming lives to support economic stability and social equality. 

All colleagues across our global markets are encouraged to dedicate five paid days a year to charities close to their hearts, through voluntary work and fundraising challenges. 

In particular, we take action to increase opportunities for fulfilment among young people, women, and military veterans to drive innovation, enhancing access to education, workforce development and exposure to entrepreneurship. 

We also proudly facilitate a culture of fast, responsive support for local need. Whether in the aftermath of forest fires in California, drought in South Africa, terror incidents in London, or a sudden shortage of help at a local food bank, our colleagues are empowered to work with Sage Foundation to lend a hand. 

Our strategic objectives are aligned to six of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals: education for all; gender equality; decent work opportunities; economic growth; innovation and meaningful partnerships.


Our Vision

We envision a world where all people and communities thrive because they are living with economic stability and social equality. If our local communities thrive, so do we. For us this is the right way to do business.

Our Mission

Sage Foundation is committed to transforming lives by investing our time, money, expertise and technology to create sustainable social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in our local communities around the world.

2% of Time

Our colleagues are encouraged to participate in 5 days of volunteering per year in their local communities. Their activity is focused on young people, socially and economically deprived sectors of our communities and developing social enterprise and entrepreneurism.

1,000+ charities

Sage Foundation supports tens of thousands of beneficiaries globally via more than 1,000 charities, through our unique approach.

Product Discounts

Sage Foundation offers discounted Sage Business Cloud subscriptions to eligible charities, social enterprises and non-profits through NPO Success.

Support and funding from Sage Foundation

Sage Foundation provides time, resources, and technology so non-profit organisations can help more people reach their true potential. Learn more about our Grants for Change, Enterprise Fund and software license donations.

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