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The process

Your job is a big part of your life, and we care that you enjoy what you do. Here you’ll find resources to set you up with an application and interview experience you’d actually want to do again. Because at Sage, we aim to break down barriers so everyone, including our candidates, can thrive.

1. Apply

2. Interview

3. Decide

1. Apply

Reflect on what you want in your next career move, then check out our openings. If you find a role that sparks your interest, click apply. Your application will be instantly inputted into our system where a recruiter will start learning about you.  

Definitely. We might be a technology company, but we use humans to review every application. You took the time to draft it, so we’re taking the time to read it.
Applying on our careers site will immediately tie your application to the role you selected. It might feel like you’re pushing your CV into a big black hole, but we promise there’s a recruiter on the other end giving it attention.
Each role is managed by a dedicated recruiter who regularly reviews applications. If you see a role on our careers page, we’re still looking for someone to fill it.
Log into Sage People, our applicant tracking system, to view if the status of your application is 'new', 'ongoing' or 'rejected'. If you need to withdraw from a position, you can do that within Sage People too.
Let us know how we can break down barriers in any part of the application or interview process by sending us a message at [email protected].
Occasionally, it depends on several factors. The best way to learn about position logistics like this is to apply, then have a discussion with the recruiter if you’re invited for an interview.

2. Interview

This is your chance to express more of who you are, what you’re looking for and to get to know us better. Interviews are conversations meant to help you and us discover if you’d be set up for success at Sage.

You’ll establish a relationship with a recruiter and learn intimate details about the role, company and team. It’s also an opportunity to showcase who you are and what you want so we’re all on the same page from the get-go.
Depends! We’re keen on accommodating what makes you feel the most comfortable, but also need to balance what the hiring team prefers. If you have special requests, let your recruiter know before they schedule any interviews.

Take some time to get to know the role, company and specific products you’d be supporting (if that applies). Reflect on the skills you’ve gained in your career thus far, formulate stories for how you’ve earned them and be ready with questions based on what matters to you from a team, company and role perspective. If the interview requires specific preparation, your recruiter will brief you beforehand.
Have you seen our LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter pages about Life at Sage? They have some insightful stories about our colleagues and how they live our values.
It’s up to you. We don’t have a formal dress code, but most of our colleagues choose smart casual. Whatever the circumstance, we always encourage people to be themselves and take into consideration cultural sensitivities and customer facing scenarios when deciding on attire.
While you wait, we’re carefully gathering feedback from the people you met with. It may take some time to do this, but we promise it’s time well spent. If your job status changes, let us know. Otherwise stay tuned for next steps.

3. Decide

If feelings are mutual, we’ll invite you to join Sage.

It depends on the role, but usually candidates meet with the recruiter, hiring manager and team. The recruiter and hiring manager determine the exact number and duration of interviews, so if you’re curious about these specifics, reach out to the recruiter.
We’ll send you a document that outlines your complete rewards package, important dates and any policies you should be aware of. It’s formulated with your long-term success at Sage in mind and based on conversations you’ve had with the hiring team.
Yes! Everyone has a unique set of skills, so if it doesn’t work for a role that you applied for, you may be a great fit for another. If you see a role that sparks your interest, please apply.
Keep checking back to our careers page for updates and follow us on LinkedIn so we stay top of mind.

Opportunity for all

We nurture a culture of inclusivity so people can do amazing things. If at any point you need support applying or interviewing, reach out to us.

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