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Lagos, Nigeria


Sage Business Cloud X3

“Sage Business Cloud X3 gives us peace of mind. We use it for sales, logistics and many other services. You can expand its usage or limit it to different areas, and it can meet the requirements of multiple industries. There is no better solution than Sage Business Cloud X3.”

Mohammed H. Fouani, Managing Director, Fouani Nigeria Limited

“There was a time when we were very worried about growth. The company had grown to such a level that we couldn’t manage anymore and we wished somehow that it would stop because it was getting too heavy for us.”

Since its establishment in 2001, Fouani Nigeria Limited has experienced phenomenal growth. And it’s not hard to see why. As the sole distributor of LG products in the country, Fouani is on the cutting-edge of electronics; assembling, distributing and providing after-sales support for LG branded appliances ranging from air conditioners, to refrigerators and TVs.

Today, with 40 retail outlets, Fouani’s reach extends across Nigeria—including Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt—and throughout Africa too, via subsidiaries in Liberia, Gambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

With such incredible growth, however, Fouani Marketing Director, Mohammed H. Fouani, often found the organisation struggling to keep up with the demands associated with running a large, end-to-end business across multiple sites.

This issue was further compounded through the use of different software solutions and diverse managerial styles (designed to cater to Nigeria’s eclectic population) at Fouani’s many retail branches. The result: a business with no defined processes to consolidate and track data, or manage business operations.

“We really had to decide, whether to slow our growth or change our business style. And both would be a mistake because growth is what everybody requires and our business style is responsible for our growth.”

Requiring a true solution, Fouani deployed Sage Business Cloud X3. With this innovative business management software, the company now has a bird’s eye view of their operations using a simplified dashboard, that allows them to monitor growth in real-time across all sites, and then respond appropriately with accurate decisions that have led to improved efficiency. And, because Sage Business Cloud X3 is designed to be flexible, it is capable of scaling with their organisation as it continues to grow, well into the future.

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