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The changing face of HR: A research report for HR and People leaders

The changing face of HR is a research report that explores challenges being faced by HR and People leaders, and how they're adapting to them.

Seismic changes are rippling through the way businesses operate and for HR and People leaders, they are resulting in numerous challenges.

From the need to uncover new ways to attract and retain employees to dealing with complex HR compliance due to regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), they are having to change their processes and strategies to stay ahead.

At the same time, the HR function is moving from the back office to the boardroom, leading to an increasing requirement to demonstrate how it’s supporting business growth.

In response to these changes, great employee experiences are moving high up the agenda for progressive HR and People leaders. And they are working to raise the profile of their departments by highlighting the importance of HR strategies for business growth that have a focus on people.

So which path is your HR and People team (and company as a whole) willing to take? Focusing on your people and putting them at the centre of your business strategy, or carrying on as normal – with the risk of missing out on top talent and falling short with the performance of your business?

The changing face of HR is a research report that explores these changes and challenges. Sage People surveyed 500 senior HR and People leaders in medium businesses around the world and uncovered some revealing findings, which show how they’re responding to the changes.

The changing face of HR covers the following topics:

  • Research findings
  • HR is transforming to People
  • The way HR operates is evolving
  • Technology used in HR is changing
  • The role of HR is shifting and new skill sets are required
  • Be the face of change

The changing face of HR – an excerpt from the research report

Change is the only constant. It may sound cliché but who feels this notion is true in HR?

Day in, day out, you’re constantly plate-spinning, trying to make sure one doesn’t drop, juggling demands of a wide range of stakeholders across the business. All at the same time, doing your best to support your company’s biggest asset: your people.

No day is the same.

Fundamental changes are also afoot in workplaces and how people work. No sector is feeling this more right now than HR.

The world of work continues to change at speed

The make-up of a company’s workforce and how, when, and where it works is changing at a phenomenal pace – and today’s workforce is more diverse, mobile, and technologically-enabled than ever.

Engagement and productivity remain stubbornly low. Employees admitted to being productive for less than 30 hours a week. That’s a whole day each week that they’re in work, but not actually working.

For the first time, the workforce is comprised of five different generations, all working side-by-side, and all bringing varying expectations of work and workplaces.

The contingent workforce is growing to include agencies, freelancers and gig workers, presenting challenges to the way leaders manage their teams and track performance.

Low unemployment and the war for talent have given people choice, and organisations must work harder to attract and retain the best.