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Remote working: How to support your employees in a new world of work

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Remote working: How to support your employees in a new world of work

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The impact of the pandemic has meant remote working is no long a ‘nice to have’ incentive that employers can use to attract new talent to their businesses.

It’s emerging as a key way of working, alongside being an essential element of business continuity.

With the moves the government is making around its National Remote Work Strategy and the Right to Request Remote Work Bill, remote working is clearly on the agenda.

So, how you build an engaged remote workforce and support your people as you and your teams navigate new ways of doing things?

Remote Working is the guide that can help you.

How the Remote Working guide can help your business

From providing the right levels of communication and engaging with your workforce, to offering training, continuous feedback and recognition, there’s plenty you can do to support your people.

The guide goes into detail in to how you can ensure your employees have what they need to succeed with their work priorities no matter where in the country (or world) they are based.

Read Remote Working for tips on:

  • How to help your employees focus on what matters
  • Offering effective communication and regular feedback to your employees
  • Remembering the health and wellbeing of your remote workforce
  • Paying your employees accurately and on time
  • Understanding why rewards can motive your employees to be much more productive.

And remember, by supporting your remote working employees in the right way, not only will they thrive, your business will also prosper.

Remote Working

Discover how you can embrace remote working and support your employees, no matter where they're based, so they can thrive and your business can prosper.

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