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Payroll updates



New Sage Business Cloud Payroll tiers released

Sage Business Cloud Payroll is now available for businesses with up to 50 employees with the addition of two new tiers. This is great news for new and existing customers looking for an intuitive, cloud-based payroll solution that offers automatic integration with Sage Accounting.

The two new tiers and full pricing details are available here.

14 MAY

Irish Payroll improvements

We’ve introduced a new payment type to help process payments under the Wage Subsidy scheme. More information about making these payments is available from our help article.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) support

We’re here to help businesses nationwide and are doing everything we can to ensure our customers are supported as well as providing advice and guidance to anyone who needs it.

Visit our hub to find the latest government advice, how you can get support, work more effectively from home and free training. We'll be updating this resource regularly.


Irish Payroll – Temporary COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme

We’ve released a software update to help you process payments to your employees under the new wage subsidy scheme launched in Ireland to help businesses that have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

For details on how to process these payments in Sage Business Cloud Payroll, read our help article.


Irish Payroll - new reports for 2020

  • Employee Details Statement report
    This new report shows the total values included in payroll submissions to the Revenue in the current employment per employee.
    Export the reports and send to them to your employees. Your Employees can use this to check their pay against the Employee Details Summary issued by the Revenue to replace the P60.
  • Liability Report
    This new report shows the total amount you owe the Revenue for PAYE, PRSI, USC and LPT for each reporting period. Use this to check and track the amount owed to the Revenue for each reporting period. 


27 Nov

Irish Payroll Year End and updates for 2020 tax year

This release includes changes to allow you to complete year end processing for 2019 tax year and to process pay and make submissions for the 2020 tax year.

New with this update

  • Updated pay calendars for 2020 tax year so you can process pay runs for the new tax year.
  • Updated employer PRSI rates for the 2020 tax year
  • Export the Review Employee Pay screen to send to your employees. Your employees can use this to check their pay against the Employee Details Summary (EDS), now issued by the Revenue to replace the P60.
  • Override PRSI insurable weeks. Allows you to adjust PRSI calculations when an employee leaves part way through a month, for example.
  • Payslips and reports to include benefits in kind (BIK) in the gross pay total.


18 Dec

Irish Payroll Year End and PAYE Modernisation for 2019 tax year

This release includes changes to allow you to complete your year end processing for 2018, as well as PAYE Modernisation changes. This allows you to process pay and make submissions for the 2019 tax year.

Payroll year end 2018 changes:

  • Updated P35 submission.
  • Updated P60 template.

Tax year 2019 changes:

  • Updated PAYE, USC and PRSI calculations for the new tax year.
  • Support for PRSI exemption.
  • Support for Agent TAIN (Tax Advisor Identification Number).
  • Updated Emergency Tax calculations.
  • Ability to retrieve RPN values for existing employees / create RPNs for new employees.
  • Ability to make Payroll Submissions at the end of each completed Pay Run.
  • Disable P30, P35, P45, P45 Part 3, P46 and P60 for 2019 tax year.
21 Mar

UK Payroll Year End and new 2018/19 tax year

Everything you need to complete your payroll year end and start your new 2018/19 tax year including:

  • Updated P60 template for 2017/18 year end.
  • Updated Statutory Payments rates and thresholds.
  • Updated PAYE & National Insurance rates and thresholds.
  • Updated Auto Enrolment thresholds and phased contribution values.
  • Updated Scottish Rate of Income Tax calculations.
  • Updated Student Loan thresholds for Plan 1 and Plan 2.
  • Updated FPS (Full Payment Submission), EPS (Employer Payment Summary) and EYU (Earlier Year Update) submission.