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DPC Chartered Accountants boosts client engagement with Sage Accounting

DPC Chartered Accountants - United Kingdom

DPC Chartered Accountants has always taken pride in delivering exceptional service. Using Sage Accounting and AutoEntry, it can now provide real-time financial analysis to clients.

Streamlined accounting processes

DPC Chartered Accountants believes in strong client relationships and has spent over 70 years delivering accountancy services to its 3,500 plus customer base. After searching for a way of automating manual processes, it chose Sage Accounting and AutoEntry to free up valuable working hours normally spent on paperwork and admin.

Building relationships is massively important to us – both to provide exceptional service and maintain client retention.

Michelle Coates
Associate Director

More time spent with clients

Sage Accounting enables the DPC team to spend more time with clients, providing accurate real-time analysis of information at any given moment. Working in the cloud means there's a link between the business and client, so DPC can be sure its advice is based on accurate data which clients can rely on to make informed business decisions.

DPC Chartered Accountants boosts its capacity for client engagement and achieves significant time savings with Sage Business Cloud’s AutoEntry solution.

Michelle Coates
Associate Director

Increased engagement with clients

DPC see Sage Accounting as being strategic to the future of its business. Easy to use, the team feel it will also help their clients better engage with its accounting function. From streamlining processes to time-saving benefits, Sage Accounting is helping DPC enhance client services and grow their practice.

We now have real-time information from clients; we can log into Sage Accounting, and see how the business is performing, and offer real-time advice.

Michelle Coates
Associate Director

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