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British motorsports company DPR shows its winning streak with Sage 50cloud

DPR Motorsport - United Kingdom

DPR Motorsport uses Sage 50cloud to keep a close eye on its business both on and off the racetrack.

Keeping tabs on stock and inventory

DPR has built thirty of the top-performing cars in the Caterham Motorsport Championships. Operations are split between the workshop and the main UK racetracks.

One of the challenges is that our business takes place not only at the workshop but in the main UK racetrack…A lot of parts are purchased on behalf of customers.

Derrick Rowe

Winning with Sage 50cloud

Rowe and team can update it in real-time. Plus customer orders are processed from anywhere.

When customers ask you a question, you’ve got to be able to provide the answers. Recording the customer data in Sage gives you the ability to get the information out accurately.

Derrick Rowe

Quality first

Thanks in part to Sage 50cloud, DPR is excelling. The company has developed a winning formula for business success based on a deep understanding of the customer and a firm commitment to team excellence.

We could not run our business without Sage, efficiently or otherwise.

Derrick Rowe

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