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Phase 3 moves to next level financial management with Sage Intacct

Phase 3 - United Kingdom

Technology services provider gains oversight of project resource planning and improves credit control with Sage Intacct.

Rapid and continued growth meant time for a new scalable solution

After five years of using Sage 50, Phase 3 had outgrown the financial management software. Growing from five to 70 employees in the last seven years, with turnover that achieved 50% growth in 2022 - the technology services provider needed a solution that could scale with it.

Sage 50 is predominantly for smaller businesses; we were no longer a micro business. We needed a system with easy integration that could support our continued growth.

James Proctor
Director of Professional & Managed Services

Improved financial and project management

Since going live, Phase 3 has made a huge time saving with Sage Intacct’s automatic invoicing. Previously it was a very manual process with finance waiting for the delivery leads to pull data from the five different time monitoring systems, collate it into spreadsheets and then manually input invoices one by one.

Sage Intacct just sends out invoices automatically at the end of the month. This saves us three days a month of effort as it can now be done at the touch of a button.

James Proctor
Director of Professional & Managed Services

Increased confidence in data and ability to support growth

The biggest win for James since implementing Sage Intacct has been the access and visibility of key data. This has helped Phase 3 understand where its nonprofitable customers are and where it needs to improve margins. James adds he now has much more confidence in the company’s invoicing and accounts than he has ever had.

You need your finance system to give you confidence in the data that you’ve got and that you’re invoicing correctly – that’s exactly what Sage Intacct gives us.

James Proctor
Director of Professional & Managed Services

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