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Online document management enables paperless HR

Go green. Improve efficiency. Save time. Cut costs. Those are the impressive benefits of moving to paperless HR tasks with Sage HRMS.

By speeding up the laborious paper-based tasks, HR teams are free to focus on what really matters; the people inside your business

See the advantages

As organizations look for more ways to increase productivity and profitability, human resources departments are being asked to provide more strategic input to executives. HR can end up spending too much time on repetitive day-to-day tasks like paperwork while struggling to deliver meaningful workforce insights. You can:

  • Automate your paper-based processes, improving efficiency and saving time
  • Empower employees to access their own personnel records instead of calling HR
  • Access and review employee information and requests anytime, anywhere, over the Internet or company intranet

Reduce calls to HR

Instead of calling the HR department with routine inquiries, your employees can simply go online to request time off and review information regarding time off, current benefits, and current job details with Sage Employee Self Service (Sage ESS). 

Eliminate paper paychecks

Save money on your payroll processing costs with the Sage Payroll PayCard by FlexWage. This easy-to-use Direct-Debit alternative to paper paychecks is a widely accepted Visa debit card.

Manage open enrollment and life events

Move open enrollment online, and empower your employees to make their own benefits elections. Easy step-by-step wizards guide you through setup and walk employees through open enrollment with Sage Benefits Enrollment.

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Create paperless web-based forms

Streamline the collection and approval of employee data using the web. With Sage HRMS HR Actions by Delphia Consulting, you can easily create online forms using any fields from Sage HRMS.

Let your HR team help your people

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Automate benefits carrier connectivity

Cut the costs and complexity of benefits administration and securely automate the communication of employee benefits enrollment data to health insurance carriers with Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger.
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Alleviate duplicate data entry

Employee data is often duplicated in an HR system and Microsoft Active Directory repository. Sage HRMS Active Directory Conduit by Delphia Consulting updates required, redundant information for HR and IT departments, so there are no more discrepancies or wasted efforts.
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Complete Form I-9 online

Streamline the onboarding with HR Actions Dynamic Forms Checklist by Delphia. This feature lets you easily complete Form I-9 through a paperless process that keeps you in compliance with government regulations.
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Easily collect withholding certificates

Save time, reduce data entry errors, and avoid costly fines. Simplify the collection of employee withholding certificates during onboarding or when a W-4 form needs to be submitted, with Sage HRMS HR Actions W-4 by Delphia Consulting.
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Complete forms in a flash

With HR Actions Dynamic Forms Checklist by Delphia Consulting, streamline the onboarding and performance review process, as well as the routine completion of any set of required forms for employees.
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Streamline onboarding

Streamline onboarding by automating the flow of new hire information. Sage HRMS HR Actions New Hire Interface by Delphia Consulting simplifies completion of new hire forms without rekeying.

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