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Sage HRMS updates



First phase of the new web interface of Sage HRMS

This initial release introduces Employee Detail records, Employee Tasks, and some Employee Processes, allowing users to effectively perform a number of existing employee tasks from a modernized and user-friendly interface and navigation.



ESS - Ability to hide gender and gender identity fields

Administrators now have the option to show or hide the gender and gender identity fields in ESS, so it is not exposed on the employee page.

ESS - Ability to see all open enrollments and life events available to approve

Save time approving life event or open enrollments. The HR department can now see all events that are ready for approval in one place, removing the manual selection of each company and checking for enrollment. Also, end users now can select more than one employer for approving life events. By default, all employers will be selected and there is now a "select all" and "deselect all" option.

Sage HRMS - Vets 4212 form

The Vets 4212 form has been updated to show the current year.

Sage HRMS – Employee find update

The employee preferred name field has been added to both the employee quick find and employee advanced find in Sage HRMS.

Open Enrollment / Life Event Waived benefit records

When an employee waives coverage on a benefit plan during open enrollment or a life event, the benefit plan will now be available on the employee's insurance benefit page and will display the waive date on the plan.

ESS web and mobile - multi-factor authentication

Users can now use an email address for multi-factor authentication. 

ESS web and mobile - attachments

Employees are able to add attachments in multiple employee pages such as skills, education, wellness, and more, and send them for approval.

Sage HRMS - Illinois Equal Pay Act reporting

Compliance updates including the Illinois Equal Pay Act reporting.

ESS – Time off & temporary approver

Managers are now able to access additional employee information, see overlapping time-off requests before approving, add or remove a temporary approver, and more via their mobile. 

ESS mobile - Logon maintenance for administrators

The HR Administrator role or the benefits administrator has now been added to ESS mobile, allowing access to logon maintenance and quickly addressing employee access issues.

Sage HRMS - Gender identity field

The gender identity field has been added to HRMS. The HR demographics page and training demographics page in HRMS will now display new values for selection.



Releasing the first phase of a modernized mobile ESS access

Look and feel modernization standards are now available on the mobile pages, providing responsive screens so users can easily access Sage ESS through their phones.

Sage HRMS Payroll – Add comments for employees

Users can add multiple/historical comments on the employee record, similar to comments that exist for AP vendors and AR customers. (available in US & Canada payroll)

Sage HRMS Payroll – Report “other information” earnings on TA4 forms

The system now supports multiple ‘T4A – Other information’ boxes (028, 104, 105, and 130) for T4A filing including electronic filing. (available in Canada payroll)

Employee Self Service (ESS) modernization

The interface for Sage HRMS Employee Self-Service(ESS) was completely redesigned to improve usability and user experience.

Employee & manager time off experience enhanced by simplifying the request process.

Improved open enrollment and life events process

A new wizard look provides a more precise visual guide of where you were, where you are, and what is left to complete.

Passive enrollment in benefits plans

During an open enrollment, your company can now enable employees to continue their current benefits for the next benefit period instead of requiring them to pick each benefit election again.

Sage HRMS - New I-9 verification status

It includes the destroyed option and being able to report on the field value & provide information to auditors.

Sage HRMS – Global attachments

You are now able to attach the same file to all employees or a specific set of employees and have visibility of which attachments were shared with all employees or just a group.

ESS - View formatting for fields required to login & update passwords

Save time accessing your information by entering the required data in the format specified by your company the first time you sign into ESS.

ESS - Logon validation using date of birth

Users can now successfully enter their date of birth when setting up their logon or when requesting to change their password, so no longer have to spend time scrolling through a calendar to select your date of birth, just simply type it in.