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Manage your payroll

Finally, there is payroll management and processing to produce accurate, timely payroll in-house, payday after payday.

Flexible payroll processing

Flawless payroll management is critical to your business. Give your financial team a powerful tool for complete, on-time payroll processing. And, because it's so flexible, you can customize it to handle your payroll your way. Set up unlimited earnings and deduction codes with a wide variety of calculation methods. Simplify processing with selection lists and anytime check processing.

Earnings and deductions

Easily set up unlimited earnings and deductions codes with support for a wide range of calculation methods and earning types, including base pay earnings and tax only earnings. You can also define unlimited deductions for each employee or a range of employees and easily manage them with rules such as withholding frequencies and employer matching.

Stay confident in your compliance

Receive automatic quarterly updates on tax tables, so you stay compliant with U.S. and Canadian tax management regulations.

Handle payroll your way

Customize your Sage HRMS payroll solution with our integrations that meet the unique needs of your organization.

Auto-sync timecards

Use Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import by Delphia Consulting to streamline the process of validating and importing data from almost any data source into the Sage HRMS Payroll timecard file with this easy-to-use interface.

Paperless paperwork

Easily and accurately complete Form I-9 online and collect withholding certificates whenever submitting a W-4 with Sage HRMS HR Actions 1-9 and W-4 by Delphia Consulting.

Track time off

Sage Time and Attendance by Delphia Consulting is an intuitive, web-based solution that eliminates the burden of manual processes, saves time and money, and minimizes compliance risk.

Create paychecks

Create custom checks with SAP® Crystal Reports, or take advantage of out-of-the-box ready-to-print checks with Sage Payroll CheckPrint.

Year-end processing

Safeguard your company against tax filing errors and meet all state and federal reporting and payment requirements with Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix.

Calculate deductions

Free your payroll team from calculating and prioritizing complex garnishments. With Sage HRMS Garnishment Manager by Delphia Consulting, it's easy to calculate deduction amounts.

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