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Sage Intacct cloud accounting solutions for service-based businesses

A core financial management solution uniquely tailored to meet the high demand of service-based businesses. Track your project costing, bill your customers, and manage all your service lines from a single, easy-to-use system.


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Internal controls highlights

Service-based businesses need timely, insightful financial reporting to make data-driven decisions and run profitable projects.

  • Financial dashboards let you display important financial information side-by-side for analysis and next-level insights.

  • Team leads and project managers can instantly see their budget vs. actual reporting to ensure they make financially sound decisions on their projects without waiting on back-office reports.

  • Create real-time reports, dashboards, and visualizations to look forward and plan for new projects, new service lines, staffing, and more – based on what's happening.

Reporting and dashboards that support data-driven decisions in real-time. Watch the demo

Easy, accurate client billing—in any format

Eliminate manual and tedious tasks like preparing invoices and recognizing revenue every month to scale your business and increase your cash flow.

  • Bill for time and expense, fixed fee, subscriptions, and much more.

  • Sage Intelligent Time uses the power of AI to ensure accurate project costing and stop costly revenue leakage.

AI-powered time entry designed to stop revenue leakage.

Add Done Export Billing Templates Include inactive Clear all filters Name Description Edit Annual 3 Years Annual billing for 3 years View Edit Midterm - 3 Months Midterm add-on schedule for 3 months of monthly billing View Edit Midterm - 6 Months Midterm add-on schedule for 6 months of monthly billing View Edit Midterm - 9 Months Midterm add-on schedule for 9 months of monthly billing View Edit 50-30-20 50% on signing 30% 60 days from signing 20% 90 days View Edit Annual 2 Years Annual billing for 2 years View
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Keep your teams in sync with seamless integrations

Our open API lets you connect your CRM, PSA, resource management, or any other system. With Sage Intacct accounting for service based business as your core financial system, you can build your technology stack without data silos and with the confidence that everyone can make data-driven decisions.

Discover marketplace partners offering pre-built integrations.

Fast consolidations to manage your organization's complexity

Achieve efficiency and clarity in accounting for service based business when you're operating several legal entities with different currencies and tax jurisdictions. Free your finance team to focus on strategy instead of tasks.

  • Sage Intacct’s sophisticated data architecture lets you aggregate transactions and activities across your organization by multiple entities, currencies, projects and clients, and locations.

  • Push-button consolidations provide, fast closings and real-time analytics—in minutes, not weeks.

Multi-currency and consolidation in minutes, not weeks. Watch demo

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Project financial management is critical to your success. But daily data pulls from various systems to cover project costs, billed and unbilled revenue, or resource reports take a long time and are hard to combine. This lack of insight is often at the root of unsuccessful projects.

Sage Intacct provides project managers at service-based businesses with detailed controls and unmatched visibility into billable time, resource assignment, and project profitability. As a result, you will get invoices out the door faster and improve your cash flow.

See how Sage Intacct can help your project managers make timely decisions, streamline processes, and increase. Watch the demo

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CFO, Traction on Demand

What’s awesome is that in recent quarters we've consistently hit or exceeded our targets because everyone’s working toward the same goal. You want to measure what matters to people, and Sage Intacct helps us do that.

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Service based organizations FAQs

Sage Intacct is a comprehensive financial management system with tailor made features for project-based service businesses. Over 1.5 million projects have run on Sage Intacct. We work with companies that have financial management needs ranging from simple cost tracking to detailed project task cost allocation and complex billing requirements. Our cloud-based system is centered on a high-powered general ledger that provides dimension level tracking for all of your transactions. That means you can significantly reduce the number of GL accounts you use, while also significantly expanding the way you report on your data. With automation of processes related to project costing, vendor management and accounts payable, project billing, time and expense tracking, and resource management, Sage Intacct serviced-based businesses accounting software can allow your finance team to focus on strategy instead of administrative processes.

Professional Service Automation (PSA) is a phrase often used to refer to a wide range of software features built to serve service organizations such as IT consulting, technology services, and many other types of service providers. Many PSA software providers will use the term to refer to features related to the front of the project life cycle, such as proposals, estimates, and forecasting. PSA can also include resource management, time and expense tracking, vendor management, and project billing.

Sage Intacct is a full-featured accounting solution for professional services. Customers rely on Sage Intacct to ‘own the dollar’ for all of their project financial management needs. This covers project budgeting, billing, time and expense, AR/AP, vendor management, purchase orders, and much more. By ‘owning the dollar’ our features extend to provide robust project financial reporting, resource management, and a suite of tools designed for operations and project managers.

Many service-based businesses constantly face revenue leakage, low utilization, and strained project profit. Accurate and complete time entry is a major contributing factor to these struggles. Sage Intelligent Time is the only AI-powered time entry system built into a full-featured ERP system. Sage Intelligent Time provides each member of your team with an AI-powered time assistant that provides suggested time entry cards based on that employee’s calendar, email, and other activity. Using machine learning, the Time Assistant gets smarter and continuously improves the speed and accuracy of your teams’ timesheet.

Sage Intelligent Time is providing a solution to an age-old problem for service-based businesses. Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide a tangible tool for your team to receive continuous and trusted insights regarding their time. With this insight, your project managers can make better decisions, your project pricing is more accurate, and your invoicing and close process are faster than ever.

For many growing service-based businesses, the billing process is too labor-intensive to scale. Billing for services can be complicated depending on the various elements that you need to include on your invoice. Sage Intacct is built to handle even the most complex invoicing requirements, as well as the variety of revenue recognition methods that can be associated with them. Automation around time entry, expenses, invoice formats, vendors, and all the other components required for billing, are instantly available for your team to quickly draft and issue invoices. Sage Intacct helps you to scale your business without being held back by cumbersome processes.
When it comes to financial reporting, automation, accuracy, and customization are critical requirements for an effective solution. Sage Intacct financial reporting excels at all three. By leveraging the general ledger’s dimensions, reports can be grouped and sorted in a near unlimited way. Financial reporting done right can provide the insight your financial team needs to go from burdened with administrative tasks, to focusing on strategic planning. Whether you’re creating multiple profits and loss reports or automating project reports for your project managers, Sage Intacct can handle what you need.

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